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Reception Noise



I have a Midway MXT115 with stock antenna mounted opposite the right side radio antenna, near the driver.

 I go on the Eastern and National net reasonably well.  Parked in a good spot, engine idling,  all is well.  When I start driving down the road  I get decent signal but the static noise jumps way way up. Vehicle is Jeep Wrangler JL.    

Any experience with this? Do I need a power line filter, move the cable, antenna wire, etc?   Move antenna to rear, away from engine?

Thanks. I will also call Midway about this.   WRKF434       

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Good Day Almiz.

You have clearly identified that you have a noise issue. Noise in a mobile setting is not uncommon, but the offending source can vary as there are loads of electronics in vehicles nowadays. The resolution can vary as well. It is going to take some experimentation on your part.

Connect your radio directly to the directly to the battery instead if you are currently using a 12v accessory port to see if it makes a difference. For many it has.

Try operating your radio using an external battery instead of the vehicle’s battery. Doing so can be an indication of whether the interference is coming in by way of your power cord or antenna.

Try different locations for the antenna. Move the antenna further away from the engine and dash and move it toward the rear of the vehicle.

Try a different routing of the antenna cable. Try coiling the extra coax into a 4-5” loop if there is extra present. Try the coil both near the radio and away from the radio.

Try turning off various things in your vehicle, like bluetooth and wifi if it is so equipped.

On another recent post on this forum, some reported they had a noise problem when using a very low-profile antenna. When they switched to a taller and higher gain antenna the offending noise went away, presumable a result of a change in pickup pattern.

Try some of these things and report back.



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The stock antenna is junk. Go online and order a NMO magnetic mount and 1/4 wave NMO antenna for starters. The Jeep is bad for mounting antenna as your on the hood for a magnet mount. Still on the cowl in front of windshield a better antenna should help out. The factory antenna cable is very lossy and is really only good for close by comms.


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