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Repair a Wouxun KG-UP920P-A


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Hey All,


IO bought a Wouxun KG-UP920P-A knowing it had a failed final MOSFET thinking I could do the repair. I had no idea the piece sas so small. I just don't have the tools/skills for this repair. I'm having poor luck finding anything local to San Antonio, TX for repair. Anyone have some place/someone to whom I could shit it for repair? I'm only into it for $75 so far, so unless it is an expensive fix (already have 4 x MOSFETs) I'll still come out ahead. Here is a link to the repair process I found online - https://owenduffy.net/equipment/KG-UV920P/index.htm 



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If you have the circuit board with the failed parts out of the case, take it and the parts to ay radio shop and ask them for a quote to replace the components. They may do the work for only the bench rate as there would be no disassembly or testing involved.

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