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Low power on Kenwood TK-805D, Now no power



My kenwood TK-805D radio appears to transmit, but it;s like a burst and then quits. I don't have a 13.6 volt power supply, only a 12 volt one. Can low voltage prevent issues with the TX of the radio?


Thanks guys I thank you for the help. It was the power supply. I ordered another power supply 30 amp and 13.8 dc volts. When it arrived I found out the output voltage was 30 amp, but only 11.6 dc volts. The data was based on european 220 volts/60/1. I hooked up the radio and it did work on the 11.6 volts. I have ordered a correct one 110/60/1 , 30 amps and 13.8 dc volts. I now have another issue. I made a microphone cord to clone my other radios. When I connected it appeared to be working, but no data was being transferred. I disconnected and plugged back in. The transmit radio powered off and will not turn back on. The receive radio is fine. Any ideas as far as where to see what the problem is? I checked the fuse and it was ok.??????? Your help will be appreciated





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30 minutes ago, Stumptto said:

Can low voltage prevent issues with the TX of the radio?

Quite possibly. The other consideration is current needed to transmit, and if your power supply is only putting out 12 volts, it may not be able to provide enough current. For reference, my mxt115 draws around 3.5A at 13.8v, for a rated 15 watts of output, while the btech and vertex draw around 10Amp for ratings of 50 watts and 45 watts, respectively.

What are you using for a power supply, and what is it rated?

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Seriously speaking, the power supply is likely the culprit, together with the wires and connectors. 12V should not be a problem, but rated current output very likely is a problem. The 25W TK-880 draws 8A on transmit, the 40W TK-880H draws 12A.

Essentially, what wayoverthere said.

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