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Zello Gateway that does COR



Does anyone have experience with the Solidtronic ST-RoIP4?  We are currently using the RoIP1, but it is VOX and has a tendency to clip conversations when someone pauses.  The RoIP4 says it uses COR; but, is that only for Zello Work, or does it do COR with the free Zello account?


Secondarily, does anyone know of any other COR Zello interface that you don't need Zello Work to use?  The RoIP4 is quite expensive!  

Thank you,


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If you have a spare PC you can use Zello in gateway mode and have it handle COR/PTT signalling via the com port - this is cheaper than the Solidtronic approach but arguably also a bulkier piece of equipment: https://support.zello.com/hc/en-us/articles/230749207-Enabling-radio-gateway-mode-in-Zello-for-Windows-free-app

You just need to add some +5V pull up resistors to the com port signaling and it'll work just fine.

You might want to get a hold of Cory or Buddy with the Midwest GMRS group - I know they're using the SolidTronic for their Zello gateway.

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Thank you!  I have been able to modify the Windows program to get into gateway mode.  Would you happen to have a schematic of what you did?

Also, would you know what these mean, since there is no help menu:

-In TX Signal: RTS or DTR

-In RX Signal: CTS, DSR, Ring, CD

I am assuming the following, but this is my best guess:

RTS = Radio Transmit Signal (PTT?)

DTR = ???  Something Transmit Relay???

CTS = Continuous Tone Squelch

DSR = Digital Squelch Receive?  (DCS?)

Ring = ???

CD = ???

We are using DCS, so I am assuming my settings would be DTR and DSR; but, I have no idea.

Thank you for your help!


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Search up some stuff on the RS-232 data standard, and I think it will help you.

CD = Carrier Detect

RTS = Request to Send

CTS = Clear to Send

DTR = Data Terminal Ready?

DSR = Data Set Ready?

Ring = ??? Detect ringing voltage on the line?

It's been too many years since I messed around with doing Modem stuff over radio channels. At one time it seemed like the future for SCADA control. That was a LONGGGG time ago.

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