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GMRS Repeater Rules and Clarification


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Hey everybody.  I am new to this and want to set up a repeater.  I've read in other posts that you don't need any additional paper work outside of your GMRS License to set up a repeater.

My question is, can I set up a repeater on somebody else's property with my license if I have permission to do so from the property owner and there was no way for the repeater site to transmit directly from that location?  (i.e. no hand mic capability at that location)  The "direct control' language is kind of confusing in the part 95 section of the FCC language.

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You do need to maintain some form of control. Typically this is done with DTMF tones so you can shut down the transmitter, and you do need to be able to get to the site to maintain the equipment reasonably.
Yeah if the repeater starts interfering with Public Safety after hours or on a weekend you definately need to be able to shut it down. If the FCC calls you and it is stuck on, do you have access to the repeater?

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21 hours ago, JLeikhim said:

I used to chase down such interference for Motorola and it happened many times. Bad power amps, bad isolator panels. Once a 220 MHz ham repeater plus FM broadcaster mix. Sometimes lightning damages stations and they go bananas. .


To the OP:

It is purely my opinion, but, on your list of worries when running a GMRS repeater, this should be at the bottom of your list.  I run a GMRS repeater that has about 900 square miles of coverage, and this is not even on my list of concerns. Pigs flying into my antenna is higher on my list..

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