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17 minutes ago, 1977Hahn said:

I just fired this new radio up tonight and low and behold I have a blank screen. My question is do I need to connect to chirp software to make this this work or did I do something wrong during my install?

It should at least power up out of the box, and have the base gmrs channels programmed, no chirp needed. are the keys on the mic and/or the screen backlight lighting up whem you power up?  The only thing in programming/settings I can think of that might yield a similar result is if all the colors were set to black....there isn't a whole lot

If no lights, it that leans toward a power supply issue to the radio. It doesn't need much to power up (mine runs around .1 amp standing by).  If everything checks out up to the radio, it's probably time to bug Btech or the seller, depending on your source, but double check everything in the power and ground path first.

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40 minutes ago, 1977Hahn said:

the keypad on the mike lights up , the screen lights up but its blank 

So it's getting power...if you press the power then press and hold the channel knob, does it show a blue screen and password prompt? That might hint if it's a bad connection in the screen or something in the firmware.

(No idea what the password would be, and I have t found any hints online)

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