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Northwest Regional Net?

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Why I joined, to see if there was anyone else in the area. Definitely looking for more activity in the Pacific Northwest. I know FRS/GMRS is used often in WA/OR/ID, but have experienced more users in Montana. My time in Seattle has shown that the UHF spectrum is saturated, with FRS/GMRS being almost constant. Actually interfered with a lot of commercial UHF testing as a result. Will be checking this thread from time to time.

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I am a bit outside of Seattle, but go there for work. When in Seattle, it is usually the Seattle #6 Repeater (462.675 MHz), and then I work on many UHF commercial sites in the area. My employer had to have a shield room built, so we could test UHF radio equipment in the Seattle area, as there are so many FRS/GMRS and other UHF users, we had trouble testing licensed frequencies at that location. For internal company use, we use Motorola DTR, 1 Watt 900 MHz frequency hoppers to minimize interference. I now also run SDR# (SDR Sharp) software and a USB dongle to check for other users on all frequency bands that need to be tested. 

Which repeaters do you use in the area? I would have to get permission to use any of the others in the area.....still need to ask, but not sure which ones are active, unless they all are.

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I am interested in expanding the net to Northwest Washington.  I run the repeaters in Whatcom County.  While I have a baseline knowledge of RF and setting up repeaters I do not have what it takes to get them linked.  

there is a local net Tuesdays at 1800 on the Lookout machine.  

and Pacnw send me a message for the tones on Lookout.  There are parts of Seattle it will reach.  

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I'd be interested in possibly expanding coverage in South Central Oregon. The Klamath Basin. I have no idea how to go about it. I'm retired but on a limited budget and have time to do something. I might get into ham one day but the study material just doesn't stick with me. 

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