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Wouxun KG-935G - Tips & Tricks


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Another poster started a similar thread for KG-1000G and I thought it was such a great idea, I figured I'd start one for KG-935G.    Some of this may apply to the KG-XS20G (manuals look very similar) or to other KGs.

Here's one I'll start with (and it has much to do with the software):

Scan Groups

Preface:  The KG-935G has 999 memory slots.  Scanning channels is fairly slow.  Priority Channel scan is a great idea, but implemented globally (vs within a scan-group).   If you visit different areas frequently, its best to scan only the stuff near you.  If you have less than 100 channels of interest in any given area (I have 25 at most in any geographic area), this may help you.   Aside from where I live, I regularly visit 2 areas, and less frequently visit 2 others.

Using the (less than great) Wouxun software:

First:  Renumber all scan groups to Group1=100-199, Group2=200-299, etc etc (I made Group10=001-099).    This makes it such that any channel's first digit is the same as the scan group number.  (out of the box, group 2 runs from 100, to 199.   Not so intuitive later on...)

Second, create a fake "Channel" at 100, 200, 300, 400, etc.   Set it to no transmit, Scan Add = OFF, and give it a name for your areas of interest.   For example, I have:

  • 100="<HOME>"  [settings: Rx 137.1, TX off, TX Power low, Mode narrow]
  • 200="<DFW>"  (Dallas)
  • 300="<ETex>" (east Texas)
  • 400= "<Hou>" (Houston)
  • 800="<HotList" (stuff I might like to hear anywhere)
  • several others.  I left channels 1-99 factory stock.

Finally, separate all of your regional channels under the appropriate bank.  For example, I have Tyler GMRS repeater in 311, DallasFire at 255.  The Northwest Houston GMRS repeater in 401.   You could further subdivide these by band, service, interest (e.g. 200=DFWGMRS, 400=HouGMRS, 500 Hou-HAM, 600-HOUfire) so you only scan GMRS for your area, or all the HAMs in an area, or only Fire/Police in another.

After doing that, it is a simple matter to use the radio's menu keyboard to set the scan group to match wherever you find yourself.   And here's the true magic:  Because you renumbered the groups, and stored a fake "label" channel at x00... if you ever forget, you can just key in "200", "400", etc, to see the channel group label ("<DFW>" & "<Hou>" in my case).  Press UP Arrow to quickly find the channel you want, or set the scan group to #2 and you're scanning all the channels you saved for that "region" (Dallas on my radio).


Now it's your turn:  Have any tips/tricks for KG-935G (or very closely related) radios? Post them here!

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There is an anomaly when using the weather alert on the KG-935G and the KG-XS20G. When selected 'On' and scanning in area A, the scan will be continuously interrupted while it interrogates the NOAA weather channels for an alert tone. This is very distracting and inefficient. There are two ways to work around this "feature"; (1) Turn off weather alert or (2) Set your scan in area B where it will not be interrupted. The weather scan only occurs in area A.

If you find your scan still being interrupted by the weather frequencies, no matter what you do, then set Scan Mode to 'CO'

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