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TK-880 programming: Operator Selected Tone



I'd like the flexibility of entering a repeater tone into my TK-880 without needing to reprogram; albeit imperfect, this seems possible via the Operator Selected Tone (OST) command whereby you can selected one of 16 tones that you previously programmed into the radio.  (If the tone you need is not one of those 16, you need to link up to the software on your computer and reprogram.)  My issue is that I assigned a key ("B") to OST, but, after programming, I follow the directions to access OST and get nothing.  Nothing on the screen, no beep--nothing.  I even tried changing key assignment; no change.  Zippo.  Any clue what I'm screwing up?

Operator Selectable Tone When this key is pressed, the “OST” appears and encode/decode QT/DQT is switched to the OST tone pair. If pressed again, the “OST” display goes off and encode/decode QT/DQT returns to transceivers preset. When this key is held down for one second, the transceiver enters “OST select mode”. In this mode, the display shows OST No. or OST name which is set to the channel and operator can select one of OST tone pair using [Channel up], [Channel down] key. If pressed this key again, the displayed OST code is memorized to the channel, the transceiver exits from the OST select mode, returns to normal channel display and “OST” display. 16 kinds of OST tone pairs can be programmed in the operator selectable tone window. While in the OST select mode, the transceiver does not look back at the priority channel in the scan resume mode.


TK880 key assignment.jpg

TK880 OST1.jpg

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You sure the "B" key even works? You might have a bad keypad. Try assigning a different function to the "B" key and see if that works.

Also what settings do you have under "Optional Features 1" and "Optional Features 2"?

I don't have this radio myself but I do have the software installed on my computer. I was helping somebody else out a long while back.

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