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Retevis solutions VS Retevis.com/RT97



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IIRC, one is based in China, the other is the US based division - As I understand it, all the hardware comes from the same child slave-labor camp in the China desert. But I do recall reading that the slave-labor camp is now more child-friendly and every new piece of hardware is made with 25% fewer beatings.


BTW - I do have an RT97 and its a great little box.

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I don’t really know, but there’s a third choice.  The company that hosts the forum you’re currently on sells a slightly different version of the RT97, which is the RT-97S.  It has an external controller port which allows the repeater to be linked to other repeaters, including the MyGMRS network:


The last time I checked it was more expensive than the US Retevis store, but if the addition of the external port is necessary for your application, there doesn’t seem to be an alternative. 

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I always seem to find these things out just a little too late. I was researching the RT95 the past few days, but shipping from Retevis was crazy expensive. They had some "farm tractor bundle" for around $360ish but shipping was almost $200. After some back and forth emails, I was able to get the package for a total of $400 and then I found the Retevissolutions website, which for some reason I didn't even find uttil today, about 12 hours after ordering direct from the child labor camps in china. Not only could I have saved about $50 or so, but now I'll probably be waiting a month for delivery as opposed to a week ?

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