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Bridgecom Systems BCR-40U



Anyone have any experience with Bridgecom and/or their Repeater?

I have two questions which, I believe I know the answer, but would like confirmation.  I tried calling and even leaving a message and 4 days later they have not responded.  That leaves me wondering about the company despite their videos and website.  Anyway...

Q) The BCR-40U is advertised as 400-470 and so, duplexer aside, is the unit programmable across that range?

Q) 'Pandemic" shipping issues aside, the website shows they currently have 4 of these repeaters in stock, but also notes call for 'lead time'.  Does anyone know what that actually means?  Are they talking about configuration time, is the unit being shipped in from Timbuktu, what?  Also, if you have one of these units, what was your order to delivery (ballpark)?

As noted, I have called them twice now and left messages with contact information and they simply don't return calls, or at least they don't return my calls.

Q.) If you are an owner/operator of one of these units, what is your impression of the unit and/or the company?

Any feedback would be appreciated.


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I can't answer the Bridgecomm info, but can answer on other devices.

1 - If the unit is advertised 450-470 it should allow programming anyplace in that band. Some repeaters need to have TX and RX in the close area. IE 462/467 works good but 451/456 may not. All about the tuning of the box. But yes you should be able to get a 450-470 repeater and get it on 462.467

2 - Lead time - That sometimes refers to how long before they can ship it. If they show it in stock it should ship soon. If it has a longer lead time they may stock a base model with no duplexer or something and need to get that in before shipping. 

3 - Dont have one so no idea. I have found the LMR (Motorola, Kenwood, Vertex, ICOM to be solid units. I thought someone on the forum had one in the past. Do a search on the site. 


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This comment is a little off topic, but relevant.

A vendor’s presale customer service can be a sign of what post-sale service will be like, so perhaps that should be taken into consideration as you make future decisions. 24-48 hours should be more than enough for sales to get back with you. 4-8 is much better.

I have no first hand experience with Bridgecom. From posts I have read online, and even comments over the radio, I have developed a personal feeling that there is lack of meaningful support after the sale. Continue to do your best to get first hand feedback from real Bridgecom owners to help you determine the facts.


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I ordered a BCR-40U at end of December and received it on Feb 8th.

I've been very happy with it as a GMRS repeater. I did buy the programming cable and software with it and its fairly straight forward.

I order the 450-470Mhz instead of the 450-520Mhz version. Just in case I want to use it as a HAM UHF repeater or base one day.

Regarding customer service. They seem to run strictly on a ticketing based system. with about 2 day response.

I've tried calling to talk to tech support and can never get through. But during pre-sales I was able to talk to a sales guy. Dont remember his name. He was reasonably knowledgeable but did have to get some answers from some else for some of my questions.

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Thanks all for responding...

I actually got through to them and after getting all my questions answered satisfactorily, ordered a new repeater. 

My big concern was whether or not it could be programmed across the advertised range without major re-tuning (it can).  The motivation there being the later possibility of reselling the repeater.  Most later generation radios are just programming, but I hail from the age of Motorola Micors, where moving 1 MHz meant re-alignment! LOL!

Ordered it with the internal duplexer to get it up and running ASAP.  I'm not a fan of 'mobile duplexers' but it will do until I can get my hands on a quality duplexer.  Lead time isn't bad and they do offer express option for $100 which can be requested anytime before it ships, but I'm not in that big of a hurry (the old machine is limping along for now).

The guy I worked with gave me his 'direct line' for contact.  He also seemed quite knowledgeable on the product.

As far as post sale support, I guess time will tell. 

Thanks Again to all for the replies!



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