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FCC law regarding Business use of GMRS


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Guest spd641

The NPRM was 4 years ago and NO action has been taken,after this length of time you would think some kind of action would be taken.With the influx of comments wanting to maintain GMRS the way it is show the FCC we do care.The  FCC has responded to complaints when people take time to sit down and gather the needed information and send it to the FCC...William

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Yea, Jerry your interference sounded like simplex. This managment group actually has a repeater set up on our pair. and they seem defiant, wtich is not good "for them" I did some signal finding on the beach today and I heard on of the employees mentioned "since the radio got caught" and said he would come to the others office as opposed to talk on the radio. sounds like they may be making some changes, we will see. Regardless I am still collecting information for my report.   73's....

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