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Newbie waiting for Database Update

Guest Marty Lindlsey

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Guest Marty Lindlsey

I just got my GMRS license application approved this morning (WRPT394), but it isn't in the myGMRS data base yet. In the meantime I'll be a guest.

I am looking for opinions on the Retevis GMRS RB75. I have a couple R27 FRS's and I'd like to stick the Retevis'. What opinions are out there for Retevis in general, the R75's specifically and any optional brands or models.

Also, I have seven, nearly new (some have never been used), in the box, Retevis RT5RV's with chargers, earphones (never opened) and user manuals. That I will sell/trade for the right deal if anyone is interested. I just don't have the time to go through the process of getting my technicians license, and a HAM license is probably more than I really need at the moment.

Thanks in advance, I look forward to being part of myGMRS


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As mentioned in a few of the other threads, it's usually a day or two from grant for it to make it from the FCC to the site's database, and you should be good to go.

On Retevis, no direct experience; the lack of a display on the RB75's is a plus for battery life (good size battery on those too), but limiting if you want to be able to change PL tones on the fly.  I believe there's a few members that have experience with the RT76P for something with a little more flexibility.  On the mobile side, look at the RA-25; there's a few members (myself included) running its siblings (the anytone at-779uv & radioddity db20-g) and happy with them.

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