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Have questions on a Kenwood TK-780H-1

Guest KI5SNT

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Guest KI5SNT

I have a TK-780H-1, I have some questions:

1. It does not want to clone or program, what do I need to do?

2. What software do I need besides CHIRP?

3. What diode is it that need to be cut to help program? I keep seeing stuff about a diode needing to be cut

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for my tk880h v1, (i know its not a 780 just sharing info) i use a bluemax49 kpg46 cable, and for software i use the Kenwood 49d software on win 10 and it works flawlessly. would have never thought to try chirp since the Kenwood software is pretty good allowing copy and paste and direct dts/ctss code entry instead of having to use a drop down..

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Guest KI5SNT

after doing some late night digging I am seeing that the R614 resistor (self) needs to be removed or deleted

I am hearing mixed info on software, I have seen chirp used on another 780 for the fire department at the time (5 years ago)

Just wanting to know so I can turn this 780 into a base unit or a repeater later on

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TK-780H-1 is a VHF radio, as was pointed out above. Not going to work for GMRS.

Both TK-880(UHF) and TK-780(VHF) use the same software, KPG49D, and the same cable. Chirp does not work with TK-780 (and TK-880).

To allow front panel programming (FPP):
 - with V1 version of the radio: FPP must be enabled from the KPG49D;
 - with V2 version of the radio: the resistor has to be removed, and FPP must be enabled from the KPG49D.

More info in this thread:

To determine if you have V1 or V2, you look at the rear label. If it says "Ver 2.0" you have the version two. If it does not say anything related to the version, you have version 1. Check this thread:


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