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  1. yep im in that category, of being locked up under the jail also....
  2. this is how i did the install on my 07 jkur. i installed the base under the factory infinity amp and remote mounted the head above the mirror, im using the 5\8 over 5\8 shorty.
  3. with the v1 programing you have to put the repeater on the channel that is the freq of the repeater ie. for a 600 repeater you have to use channel r17 or 17r or 25, dont remember exactly what it was on the v1 i programed, i also used the software to do the one i did. so i set up the tones and the freq shift in it
  4. i notice you dint include the 771g, its a beasty antenna and does great for the gmrs freq as thats what its tunned for, i have 2 of them one on a uv5r and one one a gmrsv1, yesterday i went for a hike and hit the repeater that was over 45ish miles. granted i was prob about 9000ft but the repeater is in the denver. ive hasd no issues with the 771g the others however i cant speak for as i dont have them..
  5. im pretty sure he had one of the guys from the front range gmrs user group come set it up with a nanovna and trim it and set the swr.
  6. i have mine in my center console. my center console is not a large one as its in a 95 jeep. i havemy fan set to be on all the time, and ive nvr had it overheat on me yet. i also live in colorado so its def not because it hasnt been hot...however for mine i did cut a hole in the bottom of the console to run the wires thru so that may be helping. pictures are in the jeep and radios thread
  7. im using the 771g and its been working great for me
  8. did u try channel 12? im wondering if i should rma mine or just leave it
  9. i noticed it changed when u cycle the power but it was limited to low on the meter i think mine was right at 5w, can u check channel 12 on yours and see if u can transmit on it, i can transmit on it and use high power, however the other 8-14 i cant transmit....
  10. as i have many years in the rc hobby i can not agree more, ive gotten tons of ccb off of amazon and have only found 1 brand that was up to the demands of hardcore racing and bashing. they where around for a few months and now there gone, however that battery is still killin it 4 years later and hundreds of cycles. i dont have any cool lab gadgets but i do have a very good lipo charger for the hobby that tells me alot of info. the scariest part to me is those 6 and 8 cell lipos that are ccb and the QC is horrible...i saw a 8 cell that was only taped instead of soldered one the connector, they used liquid tape on it....i mean thats 30 freakin volts and huge amounts of amps, good thing they ran a xt90 instead of the ec5 so i soldered it on and told them to be carefull with it....was so scary.. Lscott have you done any testing on the panasonic or samsung 18650 cells, at one point i was going to make me a few 2 cells for my fpv goggles, but i stopped flying when they went batstuff crazy with drone rules.
  11. i used a jackery 240 for my kg1000g now its running a motorola cdm1550ls. it has no issue running it and can last 2 days betweeen charges and the best part is there is no noise. its also not connected to the house power when i use the radio so in storms im not worried about it as much as i would be if it was on house power
  12. I grew up in southeast New Mexico, so smoking with mesquite was the norm. I remember walking in a 30ft square and in 5 mins or less having enough wood for whatever I was going to be cooking at that time, never had to store it since it was everywhere. id love to take you up on them seeds but I'm pretty sure they wouldn't do any good here in the Colorado winters. Extreme, would a metal roof rack about 2ft away effect that antenna to much, i put a ut-72 on my cousins blazer, and she would like to have a nmo mount so theres no cable out the door, but we need to keep it short since shes lifted to the sky.
  13. ive got a guy i talk to that has the nagoya 771c nmo and he gets great range, now we do live in a mountainous area so the repeaters are usually pretty high. that being said im using the nagoya mag mount that they recommend with the kg1000g and its a banger also. with mine we went wheeling this weekend and it held up great to the trees. two good choices in my book. how much u charge me to bring me some of them there wonder branches you be talking bout! I miss bbqing with raw mesquite logs instead of this chip bs im stuck with now......
  14. my bad its a talkaround ptt button The KG-905G supports Talk Around. If you're on a repeater channel, talkaround essentially provides an additional PTT button that bypasses the repeater, transmitting on the same frequency on which you would receive.
  15. just about any HT can be used as a mobile, all u need is a good antenna and a battery eliminator. im doing exactly that right now, i use a nagoya nl-770g https://www.buytwowayradios.com/nagoya-nl-770g.html with the nagoya mag mount base, the base already has the coax so no need to get anymore. https://www.buytwowayradios.com/nagoya-rb-mjpl.html other thing i would do is get a speaker microphone, and make sure u get one capable of dual ptt since the 905g can do it. if u would like a little more power u can add a amp. the btech amp u-25 is 40 watts and would make you a full power mobile out of a HT.
  16. also noticed this about mine, i can transmit on channel 12 with no power restriction but none of the other 7 thru 14 channels...
  17. also tried this last night with the software, all i kept getting was a error that it was out of range and below 50mhz
  18. did not know this. good to know since i25 is right here and i use it alot, the ability to just have channel 19 in there is a awesome find! GREAT JOB!
  19. i have a 771g on my radio and its a great antenna, ordered 2 of the 701g and the swrs on both of them where in the 11 to 12 area on 3 diffrent swr meters and a spectrum analyzer at a local radio repair. sent them back to btwr and they said they tested fine....so either all 3 of the swr/power meters i used and the spec analyzer where bad or btwr didnt want to deal with it, so im currently waiting on the refund. so my advice is to stay away from the 701g and deal with the 771g's extra length.
  20. copy of email i got from btwr on the 805,905 and 1000g Hello everyone, Below is the latest update on our Wouxun GMRS radios. A price increase is also happening soon on these models, please read below for more details. It has been a very long few months and we are incredibly thankful for everyone's support and patience. Updates are below. The following are now in stock. Wouxun KG-805G: This is our most popular GMRS radio and the one Wouxun has been working the hardest to keep up on. Shipments have been flowing in regularly but we are now completely caught up on backorders and have radios in stock that can ship quickly. Because of the number of orders that these emails usually generate, if you place an order today for a KG-805G it may not ship until Tuesday. Here's where we are on the other popular backordered items. Wouxun KG-1000G: While we haven't had surplus inventory on the KG-1000G for the past few months, the wait for a radio has typically only been 1-2 weeks after placing an order. We were told last week that this may change and that over the next month we may be receiving fewer KG-1000Gs than has been typical. To avoid potentially long backorders, we have decided to no longer allow backorders on this model. Instead we will only allow orders once the product actually arrives. We will change this back to our current policy once Wouxun secures a supply of needed components, which they expect to be around a month. If you have a KG-1000G on backorder already, we are expecting enough radios to arrive within around two weeks to fill all current orders. Wouxun KG-905G: Wouxun assures us that a large number of KG-905G, enough to cover around 80% of our backorders, will ship next week. If you have been waiting on a KG-905G for more than 2-3 weeks, we expect that we will have enough product from the incoming shipment to fill your order. Price Increases Are Coming Very Soon Wouxun has had trouble sourcing enough components to build these radios and has had to find new suppliers. Their cost have increased, and we have been notified that our product cost will increase as well. We will need to increase our prices and expect to make some changes very soon. We've received feedback that many of you find this email format beneficial, so the plan is to continue to send emails like this when any of these items become available in more than sparse quantities. You're receiving this email because you signed up for a backorder notification mailing list from our web site. If you wish to stop receiving these updates, click here to unsubscribe. Thank you so much for your support! Danny Feemster President BuyTwoWayRadios.com
  21. just remember that you can only have one repeater at a time on a certain repeater freq. with the set tones with that radio...ie for us it means u either do 700north or 700south you cant do both without going into and changing the tones each time you switch
  22. did you need someone to test it on pc? i should be programing one on sunday but was going to use the woxun software, but i could try chirp too. the mac vs pc comment was in jest hope it didnt rub u wrong
  23. even the mac guy ditched his mac for a pc...maybe its a sign for you guys....#pcmasterrace
  24. you cant use dmr on frs/gmrs that would be illegal
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