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Determining repeater offset?



If this has been asked often, I apologize. I did try the search function. 

I'm trying to connect to a local repeater; my first time ever. I've got the channel, and I'm pretty sure I've got the right input and output tone. The info on the repeater doesn't list offset. If that's the case, do I not need to worry about it?

I'm transmitting, and getting a...beep?...at the end, but I'm not hearing any replies...if there are any. Don't have my second radio yet to test with.

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It does sound like you're getting into the repeater; that brief bit of silence follow by the beep is one form of response (courtesy tone) letting you know the repeater heard you.

Not receiving a response isn't super surprising, as some repeaters are quieter than others, and some people stick to their group, and may not respond to "strangers".

One thing to watch when testing with a second radio is to get some distance between the listening and transmitting radios. The strong transmit signal can temporarily "deafen" the receiving radio; it adjusts to a strong signal close by, and may not hear the repeater's signal from further away.

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2 hours ago, WRPV846 said:

Thanks to both. 218, I was at least aware of the 5Mhz built in offset, but I thought that there was some sort of other one. Most likely my misunderstanding. This repeater may just be quiet at the moment.


In some radio services the offset does vary in step and direction (+/-) depending on the frequency you intend to use. You may have heard/read discussions about those other services (which is occasionally discussed here). However, as mentioned above, GMRS will always be +5Mhz.

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