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Baofeng UV-9G belt clip


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Good morning! I realize I’m new. I lurked for a while then got my license and now a HT. The uv-9g seems like quite a capable starter radio. The only real drawback I’ve found is the belt clip. Who on earth ok’d that design? Does anyone know of a company that makes any sort of kydex holster or clip set up? I’ve seen some things for the uv5 just not the 9g.


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WRQE264 I own the same radio an I haven’t had the courage to try the belt clip yet. Yes it’s strange but the radio is a great starter radio for the price an so far I’ve overlooked the clip. If you get a decent replacement let me know. 
I have the extended antenna the Nagora 771G and I’d rather not use the current clip. Good luck. 
bob - WRPL668

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I know I'm coming in kinda late with this but I just recently got into GMRS radios. Bought me a Baofeng UV-9G and absolutely hated that included belt clip! Here comes 3D printing to the rescue! Found a design I liked on Thingiverse that someone had made for a Yaesu radio and got to work in Tinkercad to modify it to work with the UV-9G. A couple iterations later and I now have a belt clip that I'm quite happy with.

Image 1.jpeg

Image 2.jpeg

Image 3.jpeg

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Ah, the magic of 3-D printing.

We have a 3-D printer in our engineering department. We don't use ordinary plastic thread. Instead, I'm told, it's a more expensive carbon fiber type for extra strength. For things like belt clips you might want to look into that.

Also you have to watch out which direction the layers are put down verses the forces applied. Plastic printed parts have failed along the boundaries between layers, they don't bond that well. A few suggestions have been made where people have put the finished part in an oven to get the plastic temperature up where it will bond better at the layer boundaries then let it cool back down.

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These were printed on their sides so the layer lines wouldn't be an issue with the force that would be applied. I've been 3D printing for years and have definitely learned that the hard way from having many things break. The most common filament used is PLA which doesn't hold up to the heat and sun of summertime and would soften and deform the part.

I printed a belt clip for my used Uniden SDS100 scanner that i got years ago with PETG (has a higher melting point so it won't soften) and it's been holding up great. This clip was also printed with PETG.

Haven't run across a need for any carbon filament yet, but who knows what the future will bring.

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