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Baofeng UV-9G belt clip


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Good morning! I realize I’m new. I lurked for a while then got my license and now a HT. The uv-9g seems like quite a capable starter radio. The only real drawback I’ve found is the belt clip. Who on earth ok’d that design? Does anyone know of a company that makes any sort of kydex holster or clip set up? I’ve seen some things for the uv5 just not the 9g.


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WRQE264 I own the same radio an I haven’t had the courage to try the belt clip yet. Yes it’s strange but the radio is a great starter radio for the price an so far I’ve overlooked the clip. If you get a decent replacement let me know. 
I have the extended antenna the Nagora 771G and I’d rather not use the current clip. Good luck. 
bob - WRPL668

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