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Antenna static?



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Depending on the signal you are listening to, some amount of static/broken reception (aka Picket Fencing) is to be expected..

But, if it's really bad, then you likely have a loose connection in your coax connectors or the antenna mount, etc. You say the connections are tight but also make sure the antenna is not loose on the mount (if it has a screw-on mount).

It could also be worn/broken coax.  IIRC, the coax..actually more like a thin wire, that comes with the MXT400 is VERY thin and is not very durable.

I suppose it is also possible that there is a loose connection inside the radio, but IMHO, that is less likely..

are you sure it's not just regular picket-fencing of a weak signal? If it happens to even very strong signals, then something is loose/worn.

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Thanks for the quick response, I'd think it could be "picket fencing", but when I pull the car to a stop it clears up. As for the thin cable, this radio did not come with antenna or mount/cable, I purchased the MXTA12 ANTENNA MAG MOUNT (all equipment is just over a year old). I'll check the set screws on the length adjustment, they seemed tight by hand, but I'll put a wrench to them. Does this antenna have a coil in the base that could be compromised? Thanks again for the feedback! 


Magnetic mount. For use with MicroMobile antennas.
Includes rubber boot.
Specific Frequency: 0 - 1000 MHz
Mount Diameter: 3.5 in
Cable Length: 6 meter
Cable Type: RG-58A/U
Color: Silver

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17 minutes ago, rlhogue said:

but when I pull the car to a stop it clears up.

yah, thats how picket fencing works.
I have several of those MXTA12 mounts and I dont think there is anything inside them that can come loose.

.. I think what you are describing is normal picket fencing, unless as I said, it also happens on very close/strong signals.

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