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I would also ask about level of comfort with radio programming.  Adding a couple tones and a repeater or two to an already well set wouxun is a different proposition than tracking down software and programming a part 95 lmr radio from scratch.

On the antenna side, what restrictions are in play, and what's the terrain like in your area? If it's a base radio, are there hoa restrictions? For a mobile, what kind of height restrictions are in play, and what mounting options are under consideration? Willing to drill the body/roof? Need to park in a low garage regularly? Or are there minimal height restrictions? A 1/4 wave "hatpin" antenna (~6") on a drilled in roof mount will fit nearly anywhere, but something like a comet 2x4sr ~36") is going to require folding for most garages.

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1 hour ago, Lscott said:

You can get the optional spring and swap out the lower section in case you forget for that antenna. I recommended that for a buddy at work and he installed it.

Good point...I'm probably overgeneralizing a bit much (for illustration, mostly). I have the spring kit on mine, but mounted on the roof of my truck, it'd probably still be kind of hard on the antenna even if that "ring" in the middle didn't hang up on a beam.

On the trunk of a car (mag or lip mount) or hood/fender/jeep door hinge, it'd probably be fine with the spring (maybe without, too).

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