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getting started with linking

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Hey all, just looked thru here for the answer and cannot find it...but...what linking method are you using? I see reference to zello but I don't know that to be a linking method. I have been using Allstar Link since 2009 for amateur repeaters and have built up at least 15 systems, currently have 3 working for me (one 927 Quantar to go at Cedar Hill TX(Dallas) very soon. Are you using this  software (Asterisk is the basic structure)? I have at least one Motorola Quantar 110 watt repeater I'd love to deploy if I can find a site. BTW, I gave up on Raspberry Pi because of the way it handles the USB audio, very choppy at times. I moved to HP "thin client" PC's with 16GB SSD's. I use Masters Comms USB audio interfaces. 

Thanks for any input.

GeorgeC W2DB/WQYN409

Crowley, TX

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Hi George.  Yes, it's a modified version of All-Star specifically for GMRS. 

The version of the software is a bit behind the current version of All-Star but it works well.   Since you mentioned being familiar with All-Star you shouldn't have too many problems with setting it up, but I will tell you it's NOT exactly the same, and you do need to follow the directions pretty close.  The system admin has posted copies of the image used on a Pi for getting it running.  You will need to fill out a request for access elsewhere on this site to get that ball rolling.  He will provide you with a node number and password to get on the system.  Most of the nodes on this system are connected via the RTCM but I can tell you if you hold your mouth right and setup to correct voltage divider for the input of the interface, a CM108 can be made to work.  But it certainly takes a bit of effort to get it done and the audio quality of a 1 dollar USB sound card doesn't stack up to the RTCM. 


My personal setup is an MTR2000 repeater (Johnstown600) with a CM108 interface and a Pi.  I am considering switching the Pi out for a VM running on a server for handling the software.  But I haven't pulled the trigger on that project yet.


Good luck and if you run into problems get on here and ask.  Those who are into this will no doubt be happy to assist.



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I'm running the current version of hamvoip on my node at the moment. I posted a small write up about how to do it.



How do you like the hp thin client? Are you running linux on it? I'm getting tired of the issues with the raspberry pi and looking to switch to something better. I was gonna try the Rock Pi when it came out to see how that is.

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