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Retevis RT97 power cord pinout



I ordered a Retevis RT97 repeater last week and I should hopefully have it by the end of the week. In the meantime, I wanted to make a couple of power cords. The RT97 uses a 4 pin aviation plug but I can not find anywhere which pins are which. I thought that pinout would be easy to find online. I was wrong


Does anyone that owns the RT97 know which 2 of the 4 pins are used?

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I received my RT97 today (ordered last Thursday -4 days from China to PA)

For anyone that need to know, pin 2 is + and pin 1 is -

When I first powered it up it wasn't working on 462.550/467.550 so I was kind of upset, to put it mildly. Especially when the display screen came with no protective film and was very scratched up. Maybe a used unit?

Testing the other channels it works just fine, so no clue what is with channel 1. It is showing that it is picking up the HT signal and the 2nd HT is receiving it but there is no audio.

The power output was a little better than I was expecting and that was using the supplied power supply, which was 12.87v. Maybe more power in would be more power out? 



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I know this is an older threat. I was using the search function to find another post and saw this. I just to add detail on the more/less power in not making more/less power out. I did a bunch of poking around inside mine and found the voltage is dropped down to about 8 volts before it goes into the radio unit itself. The RT97 is listed as needing anywhere from 12-24 volts input but due to that regulator it won't change what the radio itself sees.


In the attached image you will see this circuit board circled in orange. Power comes in on the red and black wires, the other two are data (Red Arrow). The reduced voltage leaves on the ribbon to the radio unit itself, I don't recall exactly which in the ribbon are the main power wires anymore. (Teal Arrow)


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