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Retevis RT76P


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Have any of you guys tried one . I know the reviews on it are mixed . I bought mine to use for a portable simplex repeater build. I think it has the potential to be a decent radio , if your the type that wants to run to the computer and reprogram the radio out of the box . The only problem I have is I don’t have a computer. So my radio is stuck in narrow band . Also the other problem is it’s from the factory one channel off. The last problem I can live with.

Any way I took the set screw out of the antenna that way I can replace it with a good antenna.

With that said today I was playing around with the RT76P I but a SMA male to SMA male connector on it and then a antenna off my KG805G. According to the signal strength meter on my base radio the Retevis signal strength went from 75 to 120 .

I think for $40 it’s a very good radio . Has the potential to be as good as my other GMRS radios.

My only question is if I were to get the Tidradio Bluetooth programmer would I be able to program the Retevis RT76P?

Also I kinda like the RT76P. Any thoughts would be appreciated. .



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On 7/18/2022 at 1:44 PM, WRQK522 said:

Have any of you guys tried one?

Also I kinda like the RT76P. Any thoughts would be appreciated. .



I have one RT76P.  It is my go to radio for an HT.  I like most things about it.  For simple changes, it is super easy to program on the fly right on the radio front panel.  This is an advantage over so many other (mobile) radios that have such difficult menus that you must program using software, and complicated HTs that require you to take a copy of the instructions with you.  I hate that.

And the RT76P seems to take beating, and keeps on ticking like the Energizer bunny.

I have used it hiking in the mountains and it performed well with the original antenna.  I was able to contact the Front Range Metro (Denver) repeater from Mt. Falcon.  (Yes, I was high in the mountains, but still obstructed by trees).  Also, I used it locally on the Chatfield (Littleton) repeater with crystal-clear coms both ways (distance unknown, but not high in the mountains).

To change from narrow to wide band on any given channel:

  1. Press menu once
  2. Use arrow keys to find menu item 5 “bandwidth”
  3. Press menu again
  4. Use arrow keys to select narrow or wide (on mine “wide” is misspelled as “width”)
  5. Press menu yet again to SAVE
  6. Press PTT once to exit menu (or just let it time-out, approx 5 seconds)

That’s it!

Yes, for about $40, I think it’s a good choice.

Sorry, I don’t know anything about using the RT76P as a repeater, or the Tidradio Bluetooth working with the RT76P.  But you really don’t need it, the RT76P software is free from the Retevis site, why not just use it?  You will however, need the cable, if you are going to only program from a computer.

Good luck.



PS.  BIg Thank You to the Front-Range GMRS guys & gals for letting me sign up and use your repeaters, as I was a visitor there (and loved my visit, and just like Arnold, "I'll be back").  : )


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I tried that and when I press the menu button after I select the bandwidth I want it says cancel. The goes back to narrow band. I even tried resetting the radio nothing changed . So most likely I’m going to have to us a computer to be able to change bandwidth. Also my tx power is stuck on high on channels 15-22. So I’m just going to have to buy a cable get the software . That way I’m able to change things .

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Mine was an early unit.  It was a series of disappointments.  If you're going to buy one, make sure you get a late-production unit; the early ones had crippling firmware bugs.


Firmware fixes for the early units enable front-panel programming, but break programming via CHIRP or the Retevis programming software.


WRQK522, you seem to be having the problem I had.  Do a firmware update.

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