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Kenwood TK-8160 asking for password to read and to write, but will not let me type in the password box



I got TK-8160 off e-bay (contacted seller, he is not a radio person & cant give me any technical advise).   Upon opening KPG-99D software the radio will not let me read or write, as its asking for a password.  I do not have the password.  But the bigger problem seems to be that, even if I did.  It will not let me type in the password box.  There is a flashing cursor as there should be , but it will not place any characters on the screen when I type.  Also, will not accept anything copied & pasted.  This happens both with the read password & the write password.  It just sits there with the blinking cursor.  I have tried searching this forum, but could not find this specific problem.   I would rather use the Kenwood software to program, but if I cant get around it.  Would I be able to program with Chirp ? 

thanks for any help,  WRMS528


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Have you ever used that same software to read another Kenwood radio? Has the programming cable ever been used to read/write?

Not sure why you can't type in the box, but beyond the "where did you get the software?" question - you've got a radio that you can't read or write to without a password.

I wouldn't throw the seller under the bus right away, but if the radio was sold on Ebay as "used" - and it's got a password that prevents the radio from being programmed, then it's up to the seller to provide a password and fix the problem or refund your money. If it was sold under "Parts, not working" then it's your problem.

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For anyone who finds this thread looking for this answer in the future.


I was able to get access to the password by using a new to me software key which let me read , but not write the radio.  Once I could read the radio , I was able to look up the password in the program.  Then with the password , I was able to write the radio. 

So, for me it took a special key to the software, the first key I had would not let me read the radio without the password. 

Thanks so much to the members of this forum !

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Have used software & cable on one other tk-8160 successfully .

Lscott told me that Passwords for Kenwood radios are numeric only.   And that was it.  It prints asterisks now, before I was typing letters instead of numbers.  So, the problem now is that I just need a password, or a workaround. 

And, yes the seller had know idea, he is not a radio guy.  So, I don't fault him.  And would hate to ask for a refund.  Plus I would like to give this radio a new life !

thanks WRMS528

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