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Your Portable Setup?


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4 hours ago, marcspaz said:


I was playing out in the woods today, supporting a 12k race, and I had this monster in the truck to extend range.


I know some of you have some portable setups. I figured it would be fun to share them here. Especially if it's a bit unconventional.

Whatcha got?



You by any chance ever forget to drop the mast before driving off? That setup make a great tree branch trimmer.

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Don't have pictures, sorry. My portable setup is FT-817ND + Emtech ZM-2 manual tuner + 20ft telescoping fishing pole + about 60ft of wire. It is more a hiking setup, than a car setup. I'm currently building 3500mAh batteries from cheap LiPO chinese cells that will fit into the FT817 battery compartment. Three of these batteries will serve me for a week, easily, without needing for recharge.

I'm not really interested in contests, SOTA and such, the setup is mostly to have a reliable comms to base camp, and sooth my thirst for an engineering challenge of having a reliable comms when resources are limited.

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8 hours ago, Sshannon said:

Which Yaesu 2 meter xceiver?  I couldn’t zoom in enough to read it and I’m not familiar enough with the different models to know it off the top of my head.  My first thought was the ft-2980r, but the specs said 80 watts.

Probably the predecessor FT-2900r

HRO catalog entry for the 2980 has:


... feature configuration and mechanical toughness of the ever popular FT-2900R, with output power now at 80W.


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I have an old Motorola Spectra repeater kit that I used for when out and about. Subscriber units can be whatever one brings though, shown here with my Motorola XPR7550e and Anytone "878" as examples. This along with a tripod, a couple of deep cycle marine batteries on an RV tray (let's you connect two batteries in an easier to move sled type of configuration, and a dipole antenna 20 feet in the air gets signals out well enough. I also have an old GR300 desktop repeater that had Motorola GM120 radios in it initially, after putting XPR4550 mobile Trbo TDMA radios in it, I now have narrowband and two slot TDMA possibilities in a portable package. Lots of possibilities when it comes to portable comms. 


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