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CDM1550 + RT97s linking to network challenge



I have an RT97s as my repeater. It does not like to work with my ID O Matic Controller so I ended up send beacons every 15 minutes that I can power off and on remotely. My pair of motos did not have an issue with the controller but I discovered other challenges I will address after next spring with the motos again.

I ordered this https://shop.mygmrs.com/collections/repeater-accessories/products/repeater-builder-rim-maxtrac-usb-radio-interface

It does not play well with the RT97s either so I built a repeater from a pair of moto CDM1550's but I experienced desencing issues. I want to use one of the pairs to link the RT97s to the network. I ordered a rim lite (direct from repeater builder) as one of my last efforts to get it linked without the moto.

On the moto, I can hear tones when testing the audio using sudo simple usb-tune-menu , and can hear a beep when the controller starts up and registers a kerchunk.

I can't get the audio in to work with the sound card. I was thinking it had something to do with the tones and the repeater. After several attempts changing carrierfrom, ctcssfrom and duplex I don't know what else to do.

I saw documentation for a similar radio for an allstar station for ham's https://www.parkerradio.org/community/projects/allstar-node-from-motorola-cdm-1250-radio/
and read up on getting started with allstar WIKI without any progress.

Do I have wonky hardware at this point since I had issues with linking my RT97s (using the RT97 image) and my id o matic? What's weird is that existing sound card registers the RT97 audio in per the LED but not on the moto.

My end goal is getting the RT97 linked directly or though the moto (least desirable). I know it's not commercial hardware but I did learn a hell of a lot about this infrastructure that I find intriguing. I will save up for a commercial repeater, but some of those have 2 mobile radios inside leading me to build my own.

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Got the RT97s linked with the correct audio settings with the RIM-Lite in simpleusb.conf

carrierfrom = usbinvert

ctcssfrom = no

I had them both usbinvert, this was incorrect

I also turned off a couple of courtesy tones within rpt.conf


Here are a few configs and commands I use often, I had bookmarks to multiple posts from here and this should cover most of your basic needs.

sudo nano /etc/asterisk/simpleusb.conf

sudo simpleusb-tune-menu

sudo nano /etc/asterisk/rpt.conf

sudo shutdown -r now

sudo service asterisk restart

sudo nano /etc/asterisk/usbradio.conf

Helpful resources I bookmarked (with some being redundant) when I was researching; perhaps it will help someone save time.



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On 10/11/2022 at 10:02 PM, HrXkb3UjmgFvBe said:

Do I have wonky hardware at this point since I had issues with linking my RT97s (using the RT97 image) and my id o matic? What's weird is that existing sound card registers the RT97 audio in per the LED but not on the moto.


18 minutes ago, WRKV653 said:

Are you using the image for the RT97, or did you re-configure the Raspberry Pi image?. Not that I am much help with either, but I know there is a image just for that repeater. Here is the link

It looks like they used the RT97 image. 

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