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Vertex VX-4200 VHF or UHF equivalent



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7 minutes ago, WRUT923 said:

I need to know if the Vertex VX-4200 series had COS output on the  DB-15 connector has COS Output on any of the pins? Or anywhere for that manner? I am trying to make an AllStar node out of one with a URI-X 

Can anyone help?

-Fred WRUT-923

I don't see COS in the diagram, but it does have a low level analog audio output on pin 2.


I've been poking at something mildly similar with a signalink and echolink, not so successful so far but I need to mess with the programming for that connector before I decide the jumpers and/or cable need rewiring...

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There are a couple things that you can try.  The first is this from Allstarlink, which helps with COR, but not COS:


“The DB-15 on the back of the Vertex VX-4200 is almost capable of being used as a repeater controller output.

Pin 1 = TX Audio

Pin 2 = RX Audio

Pin 6 = External PTT

Pin 9 = COR (see notes)

Pin 15 = GRND

COR is achieved by creating voltage divider using other pins. Only then will one get COR but not COS. PL will only make it to the speaker on the front panel and rear jack. PL IS NOT on pin 2. Pin 2 is squelched but when it receives the repeater’s built-in controller (a Motorola MSF-5000). Every time our CWID goes off our remote base sends it to everyone.”

The second is this COS detector from repeater-builder:



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