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7 minutes ago, n8dad said:

I'm sure this has been asked 5 million times, what software controller like to go with a pi3 that can b used on gmrs. I am also a licensed ham, u in would I would know but not into GMRS.. it would b great if I could use a pi... What's anyone's thoughts.




I think you mean something like an Allstar node.  On the store associated with this page there might even be a package deal.

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Well yes 2 mobile's it have a simple controller whatever it is but there is no ID or nothing , so would like to build a software based controller out of a Pi3b then just he basic wiring of it , thats easy of course , i mean can i use like OpenRepeater , software thats used for Ham Op's... just wondered what anyone thought there has to be more then me that does this, thanks for the replies

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9 hours ago, gortex2 said:

I know some of the guys that link repeaters use the Pi for the controller. I jsut see no need. No requirement to ID so simple is best.


Unless the repeater is PRIVATE AND FAMILY USE ONLY, it does need to ID.


(c) Any GMRS repeater station is not required to transmit station identification if:

(1) It retransmits only communications from GMRS stations operating under authority of the individual license under which it operates; and,

(2) The GMRS stations whose communications are retransmitted are properly identified in accordance with this section.

Note the highlighted "AND". Both (1) and (2) must apply -- this means only those operating under the owner's license [ie: immediate family] are using the repeater AND those (immediate family) properly ID with the owner's call sign.

No third-party users with their own call signs are applicable to this section.

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