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Need a antenna for my repeater


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Welcome to MyGMRS.  Please tell us about yourself and the requested antenna. Is it for GMRS? 

Do you have access to any materials which might be used to build yourself a J-pole or 1/4 wave ground plane antenna?  I’d be happy to post links to DIY videos?

Could you use a mobile antenna? What is your mounting situation? Do you have feedline already or is that part of the request?

No matter what, best wishes to you!

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Since the conversation is titled "Need a antenna for my repeater" I'm guessing you're looking for a Repeater Antenna?.... I know, a lucky guess... I have been using a Comet CA-712EFC  at just 20 feet above the ground for over a year now and have had phenominal results. The antenna link was the cheapest I quickly found, most places are out of stock but there are a few that have them in stock but at a slightly higher price.

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