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FM reception on Btech GMRS V2



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10 hours ago, MichaelLAX said:

Ah, you don't often find a "Reverse" function on GMRS radios.

Mostly they use a function that converts to simplex on the repeater output channel, whereas Reverse will have you listen to the input and if you choose to, transmit on the output.


I didn't notice this myself when I posted as I was posting the info on the same page relevant to OP's question about FM. I don't have that radio but your observation did get me wondering about my Baofeng UV-9G and sure enough the reverse frequency function is in the manual however it is locked down in the UV-9G.  Looks like it is one of the things in the manual that it doesn't really do and is a feature in the Ham version of the radio (the GT-3WP) where it does work. So it wouldn't surprise me if it didn't work on the GMRS V2 as it looks like it is a gmrs version of the UV-82.

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Yes, as you close in to the repeater, you will be able to pickup traffic on the input from local users.  You can then decode which tones the local users are using to gain input to the repeater --> War Driving!

Also, if they do not use tones on their reception of the output frequency, they can hear you, if you chose to transmit on the output frequency to inquire about permission to use/membership/tones, etc.

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