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 Hello. Just got my gmrs licence. I bought a Btech gmrs v2 and the day i got it it was receiving all channels just fine. I reset the radio now im not picking up any gmrs channels yet my Midland radio does. I cant access the repeaters. Radio to radio in my house works just fine but i cant pick up anything on the Btech now. What setting is wrong?? Any ideas?

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What channels are there after the reset? Some radios don't have a default configuration they reset back to, it's just empty.  The easiest would be getting it connected to the computer and reading it with CHIRP to see what channels are there, or if you need to reload the Gmrs channels.

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That may well be true, though I've also known my Midland handhelds to desense pretty easily.

What is the default squelch level on the v2? If you go to monitor mode (squelch completely off), can you hear the weaker stations the Midland can?

Miklor.com does have a couple articles about adjusting squelch settings on some of the other baofeng models (to have more of an adjustment range) so that may come into play here too...I'll see if I can find it and add the link

Edit: https://www.miklor.com/COM/UV_Squelch.php

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2 hours ago, WRVR429 said:

No i can not here them at all.

Argh. If it's just not hearing them with the squelch fully open (you should be hearing static/dead air when no signals.are present), that would point to it just not being as sensitive. That it was receiving out of the box seems to say something in the settings though...

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11 minutes ago, WRVR429 said:

Oh i do hear static at sq o. Maybe the radio is not very good.

It's possible.

Another possibility (though distant) is that there's another strong signal nearby causing it to desense, and the Midland is just less sensitive to whatever it is, so it can still hear those weaker signals.

I think of desense kind of like when you're watching TV, and an ad comes on LOUD, so you turn down the volume....then when whatever you were watching comes back on it's too low to hear.

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