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New to GMRS (and radio all together)



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22 minutes ago, WRVR977 said:

I am an absolute beginner. I have managed to connect the radio DL From and UPload to radio. Attached is a screen shot of what I have in CHIRP at this time. My question is where di I put the input and output tones and what else has to be changed.  TIA for any help and your patience.


WELCOME to GMRS and this Forum:

What Radio are you programming?

Under ToneMode, change to TONE

Under Tone, put in the Tone required by your local repeater to gain access.

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16 minutes ago, MichaelLAX said:

ALSO: be sure to Read from your Radio and download and save the default codeplug that comes with your radio, for future reset purposes, if needed.

This is good advice ^^^ 

I have gotten into the habit of downloading twice from the radio every time. leaving one untouched and make my adjustments on the other so I have a go back at the ready should it not work out. It’s helpful to reference back and forth should you make numerous changes. Easier to keep track of what you did. 


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15 hours ago, WRVR977 said:

It's a Baofeng. Thanks that worked.

Quick overview of CHIRP of you're that fresh. 

LOC is the channel number. The number you place is the channel its set to in Memory/Channel Mode.

Frequency is obviously the frequency you set. Follow FRS/GMRS frequency for instructions.

Tone mode can be CTCSS or DCS. Think of these like the key to repeaters. You can listen without them, but need to use the PL tones to talk on them. CTCSS will be along the lines of 67 hz+ while DCS is more D023N+.

The tone is as above but the number part. It's what allows you to talk with other people with the same tone. 

Assuming you want to use GMRS repeaters, select a positive duplex. This is the frequency offset direction while you transmit. IE: Offset of 5 Mhz for 462.00 would be 467.00 because of the duplex being positive. Negative would result in 457.00 which isn't a GMRS channel and therefore is useless to you. 

For your use always will be in FM

Step is how much frequency your skipping in VFO I believe. Skip is wether or not you want the channel to be recognized in the scan on Memory/channel mode. 

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