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New Gamin Tread

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Garmin released the new Tread Off Road GPS with Ride Talk. It operates on MURS.




Water resistance

IEC 60529 IPX71

Operating temperature range

From -20° to 55°C (from -4° to 131°F)

Wireless frequencies (United States)

From 151.82 to 154.6 MHz @ 31.7 dBm


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The slick part about it is it does use a external antenna connection. It talks about installing the external antenna. The rubber duck would probably work in one mile but I think a standard VHF quarter wave on a NMO mount would double its performance. It appears to be an SMA connection but they don't specify. I'm trying to decide if I'll order one or not. I just replaced my overlander in the Jeep but adding MURS in the same unit and not worry about another radio seems slick.


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If they add or even replace MURS with UHF FRS/GMRS, I will buy these for sure. I do have stock in Garmin though, as I own a lot of their products, and have for a long time. The Rino series radios are awesome! I am not even scared off with the $2k price tag for the power switch and 10" display package. 

I like that they are making products like this. And OP, thank you for sharing the links.

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On 1/11/2023 at 10:23 AM, gortex2 said:

I've alwasy been a garmin fan. Have a ton of their stuff also. I think the MURS is actually good for riders. Your going to get further than FRS and its used less than FRS right now. I added one to my wish list for the Jeeps. 

Yes, range will definitely help. In a previous life, I used VHF comms for oil spill cleanup operations, then UHF was for a "command net" which was slightly shorter range, not FRS/GMRS but there were many that brought their own radios that were FRS/GMRS (pre-2017 changes). 

I would only like to see FRS/GMRS compatible unit as it would augment what I already have, lots of Garmin Rino's. Thank you for sharing the links, I may have to save my pennies for more toys to use with my other toys.

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They are interesting.  I have a friend that just got the race versions.  I don't think it has MURS, it has some kind of satcom.   They need a matrix to help figure out what screen size and comm options exist. 

I agree, it would be nice to have options on the radio included.  Most of the people I ride with have VHF radios in their machines, so the build in radio wouldn't work for me.  If everyone was starting from scratch, this would be interesting.

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