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Repeater approval requests broken?


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Any ideas if the repeater approval page might be broken?


I have half a dozen requests for both the Rugged 575 and the Crete 600 machine I own and when I hit "VIEW REQUEST" to the right - the big blue button, no matter which one I select it says "Request Denied" in a big red button at the bottom and says "You have already denied this request. Edit the Response from Owner above and click below to change your decision."


The crazy thing is that I haven't denied or approved them.  I cannot select "DENY" or "APPROVE" either as they are greyed out.  I tried logging out and back in as well.

For now I think I'll just email them the details but I figured I'd post about this cuz it isn't working like it normally works.


I've attached a snip but have omitted personal details for privacy reasons




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