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Alaska Meeting


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Hello everyone,

Hope you all are having a fun and safe winter. So, a couple of us had made mention of all of us getting together and finding ways that we can all work together and get as many repeaters up and running as possible and getting to know each other more and our areas of expertise and what equipment we are all running etc. If any of you would like to meet up next Friday which will be the 17th of February please let me know. Or what day would be good for you guys. I am not sure where everyone is located and I want to make this as inclusive as possible for everyone. I know some of you are in Anchorage and Eagle River and some of us are out here in the Valley, I would like to get a consensus from everyone as to who would like to meet up, what day works best, what time, and where. If anyone here in the Valley needs transportation or want to car pool I don't mind picking a few people up. If we can all work together we can get this done. 

I was thinking of maybe meeting up at a Starbucks or something similar so we can have a coffee and snack. I would say maybe 2 hour slot will be great, if we need to leave early that is fine or if we want to hang out longer then that would be great too, but again, I would really like some feed back from you guys to see what everyone thinks about this. So please leave you comments below on what you think about meeting up and the specifics of it.

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