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Motorola DLR1060 CPS Read Error

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I recently bought a pair of Motorola DLR1060 from eBay to work with my existing DTR650s, DTR700s and DLR1060s.  I factory reset all my radios and could not get the eBay pair to work with my existing radios.  I then tried to read the eBay pair with Business Radio CPS R8.02 and R9.04, the current version but get this error: "The CPS does not support this model. Please update your CPS."  I don't know what other version to try since R9.04 is the newest one available.  Both radios have labels intact that appear legitimate with dates of Jul. 30, 2022.  Any help or ideas on how to get these 2 eBay radios to read or write is greatly appreciated.

Bernard, WRQD400/K6KBL

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This is a perfect example of why you MUST research the radio(s) you’re planing bidding on, or just buying, on eBay.

The key things to look for are the tags on the back of the radio. 

The next thing to do is track down the manufacturer’s brochures. Those will typically have the exact model numbers and very often the FCC ID’s of those as well. 

Manufactures makes radios for different markets around the world and lock the programming to versions of the software for those markets only. If you can’t find the software don’t even bother with the radio. You’ll pay good money for a brick.

I had purchased two Kenwood TK-3170’s from a seller in Dublin Ireland. They were super cheap at $30US for both. I knew these were the market code “E” radios, based on the tags on the back I saw in the photos and NO FCC ID, whereas for North America it would be a market code “K”. I verified my programing software would work with these before making the purchase.

It was the same deal with a Kenwood TK-D300 analog/DMR radio. It is sold in the EU, not in North America. I had the software for that one too so I got it.


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These radios do have FCC part 15 labels on them but also Anatel markings. 

The eBay seller doesn't seem to know much about them and replied that these are analog but we all know these are not.  The seller also managed to sell all 50 that they had on hand.  I suspect all the other cheap DLR1060s on eBay may be from Brazil since it is listed as discontinued on the Brazillian version of the Motorola website.

The radios will work with each other but not with my existing DTR650s, DTR700s and an another pair of DLR1060s that all work together.

I looked at the labels on another pair of DLR1060s that I bought from a reputable dealer and the labels look exactly the same, minus the Anatel markings.  Mototrola decided to use the same model number for both the North American and Latin American versions as the labels read exactly the same for model number.

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This is the label on my DLR1060, that I bought off ebay few years ago. That DLR1060, and it's twin, is accessed and modified by CPS downloaded from Motorola, and I can't tell you the version, it's installed on a different computer that I don't have access at this moment.


The FCC ID is visible, and if you do the search (https://apps.fcc.gov/oetcf/eas/reports/GenericSearch.cfm) it will return Part 15C with 0.995W on 900MHz. Anything like this on Brazilian (South American) DLR1060?

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Great thread, and thank you all for sharing. I also use many DTR410's as well as some DTR550/650 radios and always keep a watch out for compatible models that are cheap, but this has served as a warning "buyer beware". I like the range and privacy options of the DTR series radios and often see DLR series radios available for sale, but do often wonder on the reason they are being sold so cheaply. 

Have been describing to co-workers on global projects how the Motorola XPR7550e is the XiR8668 in Asia, and the DM4xxx series in Europe and how they differ even though they look the same. Then there is CPS.....another night mare at times. 

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7 minutes ago, WRQJ416 said:

Does Motorola still enforce their hold/rights on software for discontinued radios as you said these are?

I was able to download CPS for DLR1060 (US version with FCC ID) from Motorola website for free. Look at this thread, a great summary of DLR/DTR series with links:


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