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Daylight Savings


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2 hours ago, zzz said:

Can we please get rid of stupid daylight saving!?!?!?

Actually, we would be getting rid of standard time, not daylight savings time, if any of a number of attempts to make daylight savings time permanent ever succeed. We tried it in 1974 and for a variety of reasons, folks didn't like it. Although we thought it was cool walking to school in the dark. It didn't last a year. All indications are that we're stuck with it for the foreseeable future. 

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16 hours ago, WRQC527 said:

I would much rather stay on DST permanently. It's the abrupt change, especially in the spring, that throws me off. 

It's the whole "being over an hour offset from the sun"* that bothers me. Solar "noon" is happening at 11AM!

If I owned a small business, I'd implement different hours in DST than in standard time. That is, the opening hours of the business would also "spring ahead" (standard time: 10am-6pm, say; DST: 11am-7pm)


* I emphasize "over" as the span of a standard time zone can be +/- 30 minutes solar difference at the boundaries, the sun is at zenith only at the central meridian of the time zone. Which means under DST the sun can be at zenith up to 90 minutes off...

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1 hour ago, KAF6045 said:

It's the whole "being over an hour offset from the sun"* that bothers me. Solar "noon" is happening at 11AM!

Frankly, I wish the ancients would have just left it alone. I don't know who's bright idea it was to tamper with it in the first place. Ben Franklin, George Hudson, William Willett, some dude in Canada, whatever. I like having more daylight after work but I'd be just as happy with standard time as long as we just pick one.

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