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Any recommendations for business band radios?


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My company currently uses Motorola CP200's and is looking to add some more budget friendly units to the fleet. They would definitely need something IP rated and that's able to withstand large temperature fluctuations. Type certified for business use in the 452-461 range.

Suggestions are welcome. 

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I would second the NX-1300 recommendation if you're looking for something decent that's a little less expensive,  but if you want something rugged and durable - I'd stay away from anything with an RCA label stuck on it.

The CP200 is a workhorse radio, what's the average lifespan you're getting out of a unit in your application? Are you having a particular problem with them?

The biggest trouble with getting either the NX-1300 or the CP200d right now is supply. Both models have a long lead time for factory orders.

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Thanks for the insight.

The Motorola's have been good to us but some have gone missing over time, others abused to the point of destruction. The last one got run over by a forklift. These things happen but at the $600 retail price point it's like pulling teeth to get the company to replace them. 

I'm going to recommend they look into the Kenwood. It seems like the best option at roughly half the cost of the CP200.

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Pricing on most radio equipment has shot up in the past 2 years. I've seen 3 price increases in a year  - on models that didn't have anything but price DECREASES over the previous 10 years.

Be careful on the NX-1300  - there's a P1300 ProTalk model that comes pre-programmed with set frequencies - and then there's the (normally more expensive) 1300UK model that requires  programming to your frequencies to be set up. You also need to specify DMR or NXDN protocol for the Digital option - if you're using DMR Digital on your CP200d's that might explain the $600 price point. I'd expect a comparable DMR NX-1300UK to come in around $400 +/-

There are used & reconditioned options for the CP200d's if you're mainly looking for replacement units. Those units usually go for about half the price of new, but still carry some type of warranty & would match all your other units for chargers, batteries, audio accessories, etc.

Good radios aren't cheap, but the price is pennies per day when they're in use. If having a radio can make a worker more efficient, then the cost of being without a working radio is going to be measured in dollars per day.

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3 hours ago, Radioguy7268 said:

I'd expect a comparable DMR NX-1300UK to come in around $400 +/-

That's about what I just paid for a NX-1300AUK5 with the DMR feature license added to it. It's now effectively an NX-1300DUK5. All the vendor had in stock were the analog only versions so I got the DMR upgrade feature license, which was fairly cheap. I don't need the NXDN feature license since I have a good collection of NX-200's and NX-300's already.


I'm thinking about spending the $40 more or less to get the ARC4 enhanced encryption feature license, only good for DMR. That would make the radio so it's comparable with Motorola radios using the basic encryption also on DMR.

The basic model might be more along the lines of what they need. It seems that's the most popular model since it's cheaper.

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