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Joined my local club


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3 hours ago, Gregd63 said:

There was one post from last year with no other topics or posts.

What kind of "club" is this? The radio clubs I belong to don't post anything, in fact we do almost all our communicating by radio. I'm the trustee of one amateur repeater group and an associate member of another GMRS repeater group. We pay for the upkeep of the repeaters.

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2 hours ago, Gregd63 said:

I didn't know it gave access to the repeaters. As I said I am new. I thought it was just to be a part of the forum. $30.00 bucks ain't bad for that.

I repeat I am new and know nothing about this

The MyGMRS forum is free, unless you want to become a premium member which is $50/year. If the club has a private forum I didn’t find it. 
I would recommend asking what the benefits are for a club prior to joining.  I haven’t always followed my own advice. 

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Amateur Radio Clubs cover this nation like a blanket in some populated areas. However, I don't see too many GMRS Clubs, not saying they aren't any. But I don't see too many around the Delaware Vally area, at least not well known as the Amateur Radio Clubs. I won't say they aren't any, because I don't know that for a fact. I know that there are a quite of a number of GMRS Repeaters stretching from Ohio Pennsylvania line to the Jersey Shore. A good number of those repeaters have excellent coverage but using them may not be easy for some of them aren't listed on MyGMRS or Repeaterbook. So, you may be driving without notice that it is a closed or semi privet system.

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