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1 hour ago, Firemandakota87 said:

Can anyone help me on why I'm kot hitting the Repeaters near me 

Three conditions must be true:

1. You must be within range,

2. You must be transmitting on the correct frequency which will be in the 467 MHz channels, and 

3. You must be sending the correct tone of CTCSS or DCS or the repeater will simply ignore your transmission.  

Furthermore you must be within range and listening on the right frequency, which will be in the 462 MHz channels. 
If you have the wrong tone for receiving, you’ll never hear the repeater. You’re better off leaving the receive tone blank, which allows you to receive everything.

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What is often neglected is obstructions and elevation. 

If you are using a handheld it becomes even more critical. For instance, I can hit a repeater with a handheld everywhere in my house, but one spot, which coincides with a desk I use often. Turns out there is a building some 4 miles away that is inline with the repeater and the desk. Move over 2 feet and full signalling.

First, see if you can listen to both the input and output of the repeater and see if there is traffic. Double check tones and frequencies. Triple check how far you are. If you know the general location of the repeater, get close and see if you can make it into the repeater. I usually try this when troubleshooting gets difficult to verify radio settings. 

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