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Chirp and privacy codes?



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First, it is possible with Chirp.

The squelch types are typically:

  1. None - This means that you don't send a tone and you don't expect a tone.
  2. Tone - This means you send a so called privacy tone which (CTCSS which is also called PL, or DCS, which is also called DPL), but you do not filter based on what you receive.  
  3. TSQL - This means that you send a privacy tone and that your radio will only break squelch to allow messages to be audibly reproduced when the privacy tone sent by someone else matches what your receiver expects.

If you want to use privacy tones on simplex you and your partner would arrange in advance for which tone each of you would send.  It's usually easiest if you both have the same tone, but you can split the tones also, so you transmit one (TX_CTCSS) and your partner sets the RX_CTCSS to match and going the other way your parner transmits a different tone (TX_CTCSS on his/her radio) and you set your RX_CTCSS to match that tone.

But, you must understand something:  Anyone who leaves their RX_CTCSS empty (or sets their squelch type to TONE) will hear everything transmitted on that channel.

The only thing a privacy code does is help keep you from being interrupted by everyone transmitting without the same tone your receiver listens for.

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16 minutes ago, kbussche said:

Does anyone have an example or screen shot of what a GMRS channel with a privacy code looks like in chirp?  Not sure what mode or tone needs to be set.

It’s really going to depend on what your local repeater requires. 
Which version of Chirp are you using and what does your repeater expect?

Also, Chirp may have the ability to program itself based on Repeaterbook. 

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