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So what did you spend a wad of money on at the Hamvention?


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Not really a wad.  spent 450 on a Harris X-100 portable and setup a buy that will happen later this week of an APX 7000 V/U r1 for 1500 but that was about it.  Other than that it was dumb stuff.  20 bucks on a Cisco 800 small office IP phone PBX, 50 on an MW800 computer, couple other things. 

I did buy materials for building two antenna's that are for a customer but will get that money back once the antenna's are built and sold.

I am sure there were other things I bought but  can't remember what they were at this point.

Outside of that, I saw a number of friends that I only see during Hamvention.  And one of them I do see a bit more often had my KVL that I got back. 

Looking forward to the new radio, and getting the programming worked out on the one I have in hand. 


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8 hours ago, WRKC935 said:

50 on an MW800 computer

I still use two of these as Motorola radio programming computers. One had been placed on my boat, when I had one, for coastal navigation and Motorola related uses. A laptop replaced that use case on the boat though for a while. Great old school Motorola computers. The touch screens still work on mine, but one has the orange/Emergency button broken on top. Some firefighter tried to JBWeld it back and it became a programming computer at that point. Mine run WindowsXP, but still useful for what they are. 

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