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New Repeater in East Anchorage


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Just got a new Retevis RT97 up and running in East Anchorage. Location is near Boniface and Reflection Dr. Using 3 element Yagi pointed south from my Condo balcony. Transmissions to the west are mostly blocked. Hopefully, this will work most of East Anchorage and possibly toward Eagle River if mobile or base is used. Best reception should be good on the Hill Side. Will need testing to see what the actual coverage is?

The initial tone setting is 141.3 for input/output. At some point I plan to change to a DCS Tone. Please be mindful of other users of the frequency. All GMRS frequencies are used on a shared basis. No one owns any particular frequency. So, before you transmit to access the repeater determine the frequency is not already in use. If you use Tone Squelch you may not hear other uses of the frequency. In order to determine if the frequency is clear you will need to open your squelch in some way. Use your Monitor feature if your radio has it or use another channel on your radio that has carrier squelch. If possible, just set your repeater channel to use carrier squelch instead of tone squelch.

Also, remember you are required by FCC regulations to use your FCC issued GMRS call sign when you are finished with a conversation. There's no need to repeat your call sign after every transmission. If you are in a long conversation, you must repeat your call sign every 15 minutes. However, let's not tie up a repeater for that length of time. Others may be waiting to use the repeater. Try using a simplex channel, if you are close enough to the other station, to continue a conversation.

If you have an urgent need or emergency you may break into a conversation by saying "break, break, break". Others on the channel should yield to you. If you would like to join a conversation just you drop you call sign during a break in the ongoing conversation. 

Let's keep all conversations family friendly. And above all be courteous.

One last thing. If you are running a business don't use this repeater (to run your business).  There are licensed frequencies available specifically for businesses. You can obtain a frequency that is not shared by others. There are other license free frequencies available on a shared basis in the MURS or Multi-Use Radio Service. These fall under Part 95 rules but are not likely to be used by the general public. 

If you are not familiar with the rules governing the GMRS please refer to FCC Part 95 subpart A. CFR-2009-title47-vol5-part95.pdf (govinfo.gov)

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