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Let me see if I have this straight...



New GMRS user/licensee and just got two BTech GMRS V2 radios. Have read a LOT the last couple days, and want to be sure I've understood the use of repeaters before committing a comms faux pas, so let me see if I have this straight...

These radios are factory pre-programmed for offset on the repeater channels. And using, as example, the values for the Metro 4 repeater here in St. Paul:

I'd set both radios to "REPT19" (transmitting at 467.650 / receiving on 462.650).

Then set T-CTCS and R-CTCS on both radios to 141.3 Hz. 

Is the above correct?

Thanks in advance.

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If you have the numbers right - and it seems that way (including the RX tone) - there are two top reasons for not making it:

(1) - the repeater is (temporarily) down :) - it happens ...

(2) - you are not close enough to the repeater and the machine cannot hear you -- maps show approximations of positions and coverage areas.

It seems that the repeater owner is asking users to "request access" - that should give you contact to the owner and the owner would know about down-times.

If coverage is the problem, the owner can help you out as well with detailed information ...

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Thanks, looks like its owner hasn't been here for some time though. I have an access request in, as do others, but no replies.

The main problem is that where I live is a "signal well", on the SE side of Summit Hill, just East of I-35E. We never got decent analog or digital TV reception in this area because Summit Hill sat squarely between us and most of the TV transmitters locally. Assuming the map is accurate, the repeater is on the U of M campus right alongside those old transmitters. >.<

No matter, if I get mobile and "up the hill" I have no doubt I'll connect. :)


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Assuming those are the correct tones (I didnt verify), then, yes..  You can simplify even more by omitting the RX tone, which is optional.
We actually are doing that here because of multiple repeaters on the same frequency with different tones. Lots of cross repeater chat going on now. Just gotta let the repeaters all drop before next person keys.

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