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Programming Software For Motorola HT1250



Greetings to all.

I have an opportunity to obtain some Motorola HT1250 radios.

I see the programming cable is different from my other Motorolas, but also found Motorola made cables in abundance on the internet.

What I cant find information on is what software do I need for programming these radios? Will the Motorola Astro software work, or do I need something else?

And please; I’m only asking for software information specific to these radios.  I am not looking for a review or comparison on these radios.

Thank you in advance!



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Motorola P/N is: HVN9025 Professional Radio CPS which runs under Windows 95, 98, XP, 7 - not so sure on Win10. Originally 32 bit, but the later versions would do 64 bit.

R06.12.05 (released @ December 2011) is the one to look for as it is the last one that allows wide or narrow selection on a per-channel basis (it also fixed a number of problems including the 64 bit Windows USB problems, and it can be found "out there". Revision R06.12.09 was the very last one, however it is narrowband only unless you have the wideband entitlement key.

There's also a ton of firmware flashes available (and probably needed for really old first generation units). There's also lots to know if you picked up an eBay refugee that was flashed/converted from an early LS trunking model.

The go to bookmark for anything Waris (Pro Series mobile CDM & HT750/1250) is:



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