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MYGMRS image wont boot



As title states, I cant get this to boot. Ive got two pi 3 B+, 3 of the exact same sd card as shown in the shop, multiple power sources. Ive booted raspbian on all the hardware stated previously. But for some reason mygmrs will not boot, at all. Ive wrote the image with win32 disk imager, pi imager, etcher, you name it. Zeroed the sd cards, ive tried everything. I would greatly appreciate if someone could take some time to help me out here...

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Couple things.  First is try loading a standard Raspian image to the card and verify that boots.

While it says that it will boot and have the IP address of 192.168.something, and you can access it remotely.  I would advise connecting it to a TV or monitor via HDMI with a USB keyboard attached so you can see what's going on.

Pi 3 units are notoriously power hungry and not having enough power from the USB source will keep them from booting.  First thing you should see when booting the Pi is a rainbow colored splash screen.  It that's not being displayed or a lightning bolt shows up, it's a power issue.  Try a phone charger or similar.  Running them off a USB port on a computer rarely works.


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