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Hello WRXS600,

Welcome to the SWPA GMRS Club.  This board is not very user friendly with notifying me of posts or of my being able to communicate with all of the members at once, other than by posting on the message board.  I live in the Washington, PA area and have been looking at geographical maps to try to determine the best place(s) to place repeaters.  I welcome any and all ideas when it comes to setting up a repeater system.

I am a retired Information Technology Generalist with a Master's in Information Security and a Ph.D. in Information Technology, so I love talking IT stuff.

Thank you.


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Newbie to GMRS and currently studying for my Ham license. I'm retired and learning at a retired pace. I'm mainly interested in being able to use GMRS while hiking and traveling in the SW PA region. I listen more than I speak, so I'll read more than I post. Looking forward to learning from the greater minds here.


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