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GMRS Repeater controller



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48 minutes ago, WRVY769 said:

is there any way to add a GPS time source to the id o matic iv repeater controller?


First, get the instructions: http://www.hamgadgets.com/index.php?route=product/download/download&download_id=76

Second, go to the section entitled Adding GPS Timing.  It's on page 35.

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1 hour ago, WRVY769 said:

I understand that part, but my problem is that I don't know what GPS receiver I need I can't seem to find one online. 

I would have researched that question, had you actually asked that question instead of “is there any way to add a GPS time source to the id o matic iv repeater controller?”

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Just look for serial output GPS clocks. They’re pretty interchangeable. The NMEA data string has been standardized. 
For example here’s an NTP server that should work:


Here’s another: https://www.worldtimesolutions.com/products/gps_time_server.html

We used to buy high end hardened ones made by Schweitzer Electric Company, but they were more expensive. 

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2 minutes ago, WRVY769 said:


Be sure you look at a GPS clock that has a TTL output. The second one I posted doesn’t. Of course that could be fixed with a level shifter, but there are TTL units out there. 
Sparkfun has an inexpensive unit that might work. 
Google “TTL NMEA output GPS clock”

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