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Anyone in Naples Florida

Guest Tom,WQXC9522702

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Hello, Tom - Your guest username was a little confusing at first, but we checked and found that the FCC has not changed their call sign system... your  WQXC952 is on file.


We have a few members from the Collier County area and hopefully they will see your message.


Thanks for stopping by and please feel free to visit our main repeater listing website and register there as a MyGMRS participant. Once you are registered there as a licensed GMRS user, you can register here as well to participate in all forum topic areas.


Main site:  http://www.mygmrs.com/browse

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Guest Patrick Sellers



I have been monitoring several GMRS Frequencies and put the Englewood and Venice in my radio. One morning I was able to communicate with them which was at least 80 miles away. I can only think that due to the temperature inversion on that particular morning my broadcast and receive capabilities were altered. I wish there was a good GMRS repeater in the Cape Coral/Fort Myers area for us to use. 




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Guest Dave Roberts

Hello, I am in Naples. I know this is a very old post but I figured I would reach anyway. I am new to GMRS but not all that new to radio. All of us that live in the South West Florida region are in the states "dead spot" for repeaters compared to the rest of the state. I counted 40 -/+ GMRS licensees in Collier county (according to the FCC) and I am sure there are more then that in Lee County..... so I know we exist.


I travel to see family once a month in West Palm Beach and on a recent trip I used two different repeater systems to contact family while I was traveling across the state. I was completely blown away by the viability of GMRS for secondary communication. I know about the FCC rule changes in 2017 that opened GMRS up for repeater use (thank you MyGMRS) but since I live in an area that does not have any repeater sites the true usefulness was not apparent at the time.


I really like that much like the Amateur radio world, The GMRS community is self governed, home grown and follow a set of rules so that everyone can enjoy the radio service. The fact that a license holder can hand a trusted family member an HT without the family member having to purchase a license or take an exam makes the GMRS platform very useful. .....ok so now that I have written a book on a 4 year old post...Lol.. I would like to ask if there are any Licensees here on MyGMRS.com that live in the same area as I do. 






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Welcome DRoberts, I live in Fort Myers on the 17th floor but no repeater.  I'm currently in Western NC with a repeater access and it great as we have mountains.  I'm sure you looked at this... https://mygmrs.com/browse?name=&location=&state=FL&frequency=&output_tone=&input_tone=&type=&ori=&travel=&sort=Location&start=0&step=50


But not all repeaters are listed.  If I was a guessing man, half are not listed as they are family and or friends privately owned.  I suggest you monitor the repeater channels RPT 15-22 to see if you hear traffic.  


Did you sign up as a member since you have your call sign...  Welcome to the forum.



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Guest Guest

Hello Jack, Yes.!..I too would guess that there are many private repeaters in our area. I want to get involved or at least find ways to help the GMRS community after realizing the usefulness of the GMRS platform and my short interactions with others GMRS users. I am a newbie to GMRS so I am just scratching the surface of many different things and have much to learn but I think I have a grasp on the basics of radio. In our state there are a number of repeaters broadcasting out to 40+ miles And I am very appreciative of the repeater owners allowing those with a license to use their repeaters (the home grown networks of GMRS is something that I love) From what I see there are enough repeaters to cover most of the East cost and the West coast from Sarasota to farther points north Plus a good number of repeater sites in the middle of the state.

It is a far fetched idea but what if a good number of users in the area got together for the common goal of someday having a repeater system or systems in the area. I know that there are GMRS clubs that have accomplished this in others states. Our area seems to be the last link as far as coastal repeater sites in Florida. Wouldn't it be really something to have a repeater located where Alligator Ally turns north ? It would serve part of Alligator Ally and also serve areas north to possibility to South Fort Myers.

I am brand new and I know I need to "settle in"  first and I have put the cart way before the horse ! I also have a grasp on the high cost of a repeater...the Thousands of dollars a month for rent space, equipment cost, Coax, Climber tech fees, time....and the knowledge ....All of which I do not have...LOL.. There are Ham clubs that trade monthly faculty maintenance such as cutting grass, Mending fences, Painting and so on for tower space so I have to wonder if anyone in the GMRS community has been successful doing the same thing. If there are a good handful  GMRS users in the Naples/Fort Myers area with the same common goal I think alot could be accomplished.

Yes...I have signed up to be member here at MYGMRS and have enjoyed having access to the different areas but for some reason I have not been able to start a topic and I have noticed that when I replied to this thread it listed me as a guest....

Anyway....I am just thinking out loud and I want to learn more and contribute to the GMRS community any way that I can,





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Jack, I forgot to mention...Thank you for the Welcome! and I will monitor the Repeater channels and learn more of whats going on in the area !!


Thanks again



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Guest Freddie WRXS504

Hello everyone. I am in Cape Coral. Got my license , and still looking for the right radio. I am leaning more toward a mobile unit than a handheld since more wattage is allowed on mobile units as opposed to handhelds. 
I would appreciate any input regarding a good radio since the market is saturated with so many brands, then I will figure out the repeater issue. 



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