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  1. Yes thanks for saying that.... I did not even bring up the exceptions. O, yes same here for us, ours is a GMRS membership repeater with a fee. The local repeater I use the most (which is down now) is by far the best, free, strong and friendly folks, followed by my own owe which is not that high. MacJack
  2. You are correct, I was speak in general hams, not special interest groups. Thanks for weighting as some in the GMRS community are thinking about getting ham ticket and just want them to know the lay of the land. MacJack
  3. Michael, Check out the RFinder B1 https://androiddmr.com I have two and really like DMR repeaters... great range and easy of use... Yes, it is $990 but I can have so much usage... FM/GMRS/MURS/UHV/UHF/DMR/NOAA/Cell/Internet/email/all kinds of apps/Fun. Check it out... FYI I got sold and gave away all my other radios. MacJack
  4. Good read.. This comment is IMHO.... You do not need to get permission to use a HAM Repeaters, if you are a license HAM... BUT GMRS Repeaters owners have to control or look over who on his GMRS Repeater, thus you need to get permission. As a ham and using DMR (digital mobile radio) having so much fun and it is the next step up from GMRS... Get your ham license while it is still free from FCC. Enjoy the adventure... not that hard, I'm 74 yo and my study buddy was my 12 yo grand daughter... MacJack
  5. But it is nice working radio/cell and get instance repeaters while driving. You can find deals.
  6. Yes nice looking. Looks like it all Zello/EchoLink where as the B1 has a real RF radio in UHF/VHF/DMR plus BrandMeister Network with internal hotspot. I use Zello/EchoLink on my iPhone all the time.
  7. Your quest sounds like mine... started with FRS/GMRS/Ham-VHF-UHF and now doing DMR and soon to do DMRRoIP on my RFinder B1 radio/cellular/android unit. Have fun on your journey....
  8. Happy for you... My 905 was great, but the 935 is even better for the scan functions I do plus I can monitor Ham channels... Do you have your Ham Ticket? If so PM me and we can talk. MacJack
  9. Good suggestion... We have moved to DMR repeaters and linked to 60 plus repeaters in NC SC VA WV and parts of TX. Having all 60 repeaters linked, my DMR radio will Roam and stay on the same talk group even if the repeater frequency change as I drive. It is a nice GMRS repeater and the area GMRS repeater network is not expanding and owner has no plans to linking his 3 GMRS repeaters together, just have to key it in as you drive.
  10. I have a VXR 7000 Repeater. This is a great repeater, so why am I looking for a home... easy, my grand daughter and I used it for GMRS in the area but we do not have the best location in a valley. We got our Ham tickets end of May and doing Ham repeaters so do not have a need for it. I have a outside antenna if you want.... I'm located in 28734 if you are nearby. I have it with duplex tuned to 462.7250 PL code 79.9 +5 MH offset. All I have to do is program your calls sign in it and you are good to go. It has two power settings, 10 watt and 25 watt which keeps the duty cycle up... It can go to 50 watt but over kill and will burn up any repeater. FYI it is all about line of sight not wattage. Easy to change and will send you PC software and my backup file... I will also help you as needed and have the programing cable. For all of this I'm looking at $600 plus shipping cost. Let me know if you are interested. -VXR-7000_OM_ENG_EU_E13671108.pdf
  11. I purchase this for my Jeep and took out of box... checked it out BUT never installed as I have move to DMR with HT. See attached invoice and make me an offer and add shipping from 28734 to your zip via USPS or FedEx. So new, not used, no box for specs go to: https://www.buytwowayradios.com/catalogsearch/result/?q=MXTA26 and https://www.buytwowayradios.com/midland-mxta12.html Looking to make someone happy but take the sting of changing my mind for your benefit. MacJack
  12. Yes it is out of stock as it a great radio... https://www.buytwowayradios.com/wouxun-kg-1000g.html This is on my wish list to purchase but I have some great GMRS repeaters that my handheld HT can reach. MacJack
  13. Get a radio that can read the PL codes or if you have one of the call sign look them up in myGMRS or FCC and contact them and ask if they can get you in contact with repeater owner to get permission to use repeater... I have a private family repeater and folks look me up and ask... I tell them it is private for family/friends/neighbors... so just want you to be prepare for a no answer. That is why I have a Ham ticket and more repeaters then you can imagine. In fact with a DMR ham radio like rFinder.com B1 unit it makes life so easy to talk to anyone with you Radio ID... MacJack
  14. Welcome to being a soon 935G owner... You will love it... It does a lot but not the dishes, floor etc. As for your GF, my 12 yo grand daughter and I started with the KG-805G which is not buttons, works really strong and you can program it with CHIRP on Mac or PC... (use the KG-816 config). I like the 805G for small hands and no extra buttons to mistakingly push... My other grand kids like it as well as I teach them how to use it both Simplex and Repeater... MacJack
  15. Thanks for your insight and how you position the 935G with the evolution of the KG- series of GMRS radios. MacJack
  16. If you are going to spend this amount of money, why not go all the way and do GMRS. Ham Ham 2 and 70 meter as well as DMR and this unit has Cellular with all kinds of repeater list to use with PL codes.... I'm talking about rFinder.net B1 commercial water proof radio... http://androiddmr.com If you have a GMRS and Ham ticket, check it out... MacJack
  17. So true Lscott.... You got my message... It is what is best for you and your taste in radios. Thank you for taking the bait and sharing where and how you position your radio selection. This will help so many newbie.... MacJack
  18. Your choice of radio brands, types (HT, mobile or base) and what purpose you want to use them for, e.g. GMRS for family under one family license to the different levels of individual Ham licenses. So those just starting the venture I hope that the following will help you plan where and what you want to do. This review of the Wouxun KG-935G is more for how should one position this radio since Wouxun has made several GMRS radio which I have KG-805G, KG-905G now KG935G for GMRS and a Wouxun KG-UV8H for Ham. They all have their place in how you use them. The 805G has it place for smaller hands, easy to use. Then going up to the 905G and 935G for a more beefy feel, programing and what I like is scanning group options to name a few. I have my Ham ticket and so how do I plan to fit GMRS and Ham radio into my life. Though out all the forum and posts on Part 95 for GMRS radios and Part 90 for Ham and the two can get married per FCC, I choose to carry two radios that share batteries and other accessories plus program on the HT face and software menus are some what alike. So the KG-935G is a solid commercial radio for GMRS but allows you to monitor 2 and 70 meter ham frequencies, to be clear only receive and can not transmit. So if you want to monitor a Ham repeater, pick the correct frequencies to hear the repeater when you set it up. I have only had the KG-935G radio a few days and still working on making it my daily carry in my Jeep. Yes, I could get a Baofeng or other multi band radios for Ham and GMRS in one radio but if you have used a $40-50 radio, you may not reach a repeater or others may not heard your audio. Do not get me wrong, many who have these multi band radios and works for you great, you are closer to a strong repeater and it is your radio choice… Happy for you. I was given a free BaoFeng UV-82 Classic and could trigger the Ham repeater but no one could hear us in both GMRS and Ham… Now I know why the gifter gave it to us. Do not read into this statement BaoFeng or other brands… are fine, you get what you pay for. It just where I live and the equipment did not match to my radio environmental needs. So for fueling my Ham 2 and 70 meter I have a Wouxun KG-UV8H which is a Ham radio that can monitor GMRS but not transmit on 462.xxx…467.xxx KG-UV8H is Part 90 legal for Hams per FCC. So on both KG-935G and KG-UV8H I can scan away and in my area of Western NC, we have great high mountains and privately owned and friendly repeaters owners as long as you are license, follow the repeaters owners rules and get permission before hand to get the PL codes. So one day the GMRS is busy or I need to reach family/friends/others approved operators on the GMRS repeaters. Then on other days the Ham frequencies is active like on Net Control nights or Fox Hunts or just general communication with other Hams. In our area we have more Ham repeaters then folks to use and talk on them. Out of the 6 repeaters in all bands, it like crickets. O let me add one of the latest thing new to me as a Ham, it is DMR and the DMR repeaters are linked and you can have miles and miles of communication plus talk to others around the world with just a handheld HT radio. No big antenna or collection like an antenna farm in your backyard which might upset your wife. As soon as I understand more about DMR I will let you know. So for those wanting digital GMRS and roam which FCC has not made the rules changes to fit that function, go get your Ham ticket… and do DMR as we have more DMR repeaters in our area. Ham ticket test is not that hard… I’m 74 yo and my 12 yo grand daughter and I did FRS for years just in the yard and close neighbors. Then we got a family GMRS license and many GMRS folks who are Hams also, suggested to us to study and take the Ham test. You no longer need Morse Code as part of the first level of license. Second get a study buddy, friend, one or more of your children or grand children. For a preteen to get ones Ham ticket has caused her to grow, be confident and has new friends, fun events. O yes she had Mic fright at first, I still do and ex LEO. How we got started is we first reached out to the local Ham club, we meet the folks at a lunch meeting and felt welcomed and asked for a coach to walk us through the process. It not hard, it took us one and half months of online study three times a week for one plus hours and we pass the test end of May 2021. It is quoted that Ham radio is the art, science in communication and helping others in times of an need or emergency. My 12 yo grand daughter caught the radio vision after going to Rocket Museum in Huntsvilles, AL and saw all the radio equipment and all the astronaut where Ham and you can talk to the ISS as it goes overhead. So one of her many goals in life is joining Space Force as well as be a pet sitter and walker. Feel free to PM me if you want more personal detail, otherwise all comments accepted as this is IMHO which that is why no one radio fits all your needs, it personal, so share your story so others can see if that fits them. So go and enjoy your radio journey. MacJack
  19. I will post here and will make sure I send you the link... I will PM you my draft but do not share it as my proofer (wife) is sick and it may be a few day before post... so in the PM you will see where I 'm coming from... If any others want to see the draft post, agree not to share as my wife makes me look good on long post.... MacJack
  20. PCRadio, I have a KG-935G for 3 days now and it is a great radio... Look for my review after my wife proofs it. I can do so much legally with it and it all about having a great well performing radio for the right price. MacJack
  21. Yes, I just looked it up... Newport (Cocke Co.) is in TN. Do you have some info? MacJack
  22. I can not speak to KG-935G to a KG-UV9G. I have a KG-935G on order and awaiting on it... Why because I have a Wouxun KG-UV8H for ham use... which I can only monitors the GMRS channels no TX but do Dual VHF and UHF. The Wouxun KG-UV8H uses the same battery, battery eliminator for both units... PLUS my 12 yo grand daughter study buddy and I got our Ham ticket in May 2021 so we have THE BEST OF BOTH WORLDS (GMRS and HAM). FYI tonight we will do our first Ham DMR Net night for the first time... This is a great venture and it all started with GMRS and so take one of your kids, grand kids or other kids who what to be the study buddy like my 12 yo grand daughter and I did... O we are make our directional antenna $26 cost this weekend as we will go on a Fox Hunt to find other radios signals... like lost people, very cool. I have my Ham ticket but we started with a GMRS for family use and later a GMRS repeater for family/neighbors/friends. Added to this I first purchase two KG-805G which the girls like for it small size and easy of use in being programed with CHIRP as I have a Mac and access to an old XP PC. I also have a KG-905G which is a great radio and the custom scan is the best. I can't wait to see how the KG-935G works. So all this to say, radios change and you have to make sure you are on the correct path as to how you pick your radio. I have no regret with my first purchase of the KG-805G good starter radio and sold one of the two. I have last one on sale on eBay.. https://www.ebay.com/itm/154568409068 with a bonus.... adding the battery eliminator $11 value. So as soon as I get my KG-935G, I will start a new Post to follow and new owners of KG-935G can add comments give me some new creature features and functions as I may have missed some. Can not wait... MacJack
  23. Here is a thought.... Take out your PL code on your radio for this repeater and sit by the repeater to see if any action.... You see I have a family/friends/neighbors repeater but did not list it on any repeater sites... It is not always online... It been offline for a month as we have not needed any access to it. Just get your own repeater and make antenna high as it is "line of sight" is the best not the wattage output. Have fun, I use a $700 VRX-7000 got a free antenna and set it for two levels 10 and 25 watts and works great and not burning it out at 50 watts it is capable to do. In short letting it have a longer duty cycle at lower wattage. MacJack
  24. I have https://www.buytwowayradios.com/nagoya-na-771g.html on all my GMRS Radios... it is 15.3 inch not good to carry, I mount mine radio on the Jeep passenger side hand rail and works great out the window.
  25. I get all my listing from web.RFinder.net I have several DMR repeaters and 6 of them are linked in WNCDMR.net
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