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  1. I have https://www.buytwowayradios.com/wouxun-smo-002.html connected and draped over the mirror and works great.
  2. That is the same setup I have as well... 905G great radio. MacJack
  3. That sounds like a good plan... So you purchased a second 905G? MacJack
  4. Sad to hear USPS big computer can't handle address. Did you call B2WR and give them a heads up... My offer to help if you need it, just PM me. MacJack
  5. RR, as I said I use an old XP and not a PC guy, more Mac... I was lucky to get the groups setup with cut and paste but not now using I did see that https://www.rtsystemsinc.com/Handhelds_c_65.html will be coming out with a 905G software and not here yet... Wouxun software works, I just have not mastered it yet. Keep us up to date on what is going one... MacJack
  6. RR in are in great Company with the 905G... I like others enjoy it... If you need any help PM and we can talk and willing to walk with you in setup. MacJack
  7. I like where you are coming from... as a ham, I want a radio to do GMRS/Ham and want to look at doing DMR on the Ham side... So what Motorola would you suggest. MacJack
  8. Forgive me but I'm so lazy and old. I was at HamFest in NC and for $35 could get a great antenna without looking for all the parts... I do like the guy who makes his own and gets into it... I'm just an 74 yo and do not have the time... That is why I can respect Lscott doing it himself. MacJack
  9. A few things may be going on... Mostly I found I had to email them directly by tracking them down... The make a request is weak and they do not respond. Another issue is the are no longer active and you need to see if you hear traffic without the PL codes. And lastly they may have offered their repeater to other "in the beginning" and now only keep it for their family and friends and did not remove it for the list of repeaters. So let us know what you find out... I personally put my own repeater up as a private/family and few friends in neighborhood and did not list it... MacJack
  10. So this tells me all those repeater users/owners only use as needed and cell phones and Google map does the rest. I do travel a lot and only hear crickets which is good but not a safety line. MacJack
  11. It is not hard to program... but like you I had a friend help me tune the duplexer in... I did purchase a programing cable from https://www.theantennafarm.com/catalog/index.php?main_page=product_info&cPath=75_77_1224_1225&products_id=6553 and you will see it plugs into the Mic jack of the radio and USB port of PC... The tricky thing is picking correct USB comm port and I used an old XP and had no issues... PM if you need some help. MacJack
  12. I have a use a VXR-7000 with duplexer inside. Set my radio for repeater at 10 watts and 20 watts as you not need or want to push high output. Got it on ebay for $500. Well worth looking at. MacJack
  13. That is a nice map... if you click on meter number will covert to feet. Make sure you set up for USA... MacJack
  14. So the quick answer is keep it inch above roof/chimney height as you do not need a permit if you follow BoxCar reply.. FYI my trees are higher the the roof.. by 10 feet. Go for it. MacJack
  15. You should check with your local folks but mostly how far are you from an airport... My local authorities in the county do not care BUT the local county airport https://maconcountyairport.com is below me and I'm in the landing pattern, so my antenna is just equal to my roof line... so safe to use without special permits or lights. Hope this helps. MacJack
  16. Great happy for you did it... If you have any questions, feel free to PM me and we can talk about setup... I like my 905G and it is my got to radio. MacJack
  17. I agree.. the new version allows me to NOT use taptalk... check it out. MacJack
  18. Thanks so much for your comments Micheal... I learn so much from you as you spend the time of look things up. So help me and others who have a Ham ticket as well as a GMRS license and want to have one radio to do both and be legal... I know you have wrestled with this issue as I'm a Part 95 guy but as a Ham I have Part 90 that allows me to cross the line... Help me and others with all that you know and what you are using.... MacJack
  19. I think you all have good comments... the way I see it is GMRS is for your family, farm and neighbors who have a license and permission to talk on your repeater. Ham is more local, regional and national. Now I do like Zello to talk with others in the USA. I have made several new friends in remote places. Yes I have my Ham ticket and really only use it to speak to local club members in the club repeater. You just have to find what you want to do to serve others and go for it. MacJack
  20. Here two tools I use to see I'm in range. Also verify the tone codes... most repeater I use do not use DCS codes. https://www.ve2dbe.com/rmonline_s.asp https://www.scadacore.com/tools/rf-path/rf-line-of-sight/ My choice...
  21. As a newbie back in Nov 2020, I asked and spoke on the phone with the best repeater in town and he was so nice and walked me through it... Just be humble and ask for help and tell him your confusion and he may have made a typo... who knows my guy did. MacJack
  22. Welcome to the group and sharing your experiences. Glad you figured it out....
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