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Programming for Repeater



Hey, all.  New GMRS licensed person here.


I'm trying to use a local open repeater:




I can't figure out the programming for my BF-888S to save my life.  I have the frequencies programmed in, and I can transmit to the repeater.  However, I cannot hear myself on another radio of identical programming.  In addition, more than 50% of the time, all I can receive is some loud "grinding" noise that sounds similar to the sound some of those old bubble pack radios used for an alert.  Kinda an errrrrrrrrrrrrrr noise.  I hear it randomly when just letting the radio sit, and often after I attempt to transmit.  Am I doing something wrong with programming?  I think I have the PL correct for receiving too.  The owner of the repeater isn't in town, so I can't ask him about the finer details.  Channel three in the attached image is my programming from CHIRP.




Thanks for any help in advance!

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So as suggested in RR...your monitoring receivers are too close to the transmitter and are desensing the radios you are using to test with. You need to separate the radios by about 30 or 40 feet to actually test this or you could lay one radio down on the couch, point the antenna away from you (we are counting on the ~20 dB of attenuation from a horizontally polarized antenna on a vertically polarized system and extra attenuation from directionality) and turn it's volume all the way up and then try again.

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